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    Hello all, just another MRR enthusiast here. I am going to model a CNW grain operation on a 4X8 custom built table. The layout will be in HO, and my track will be Bachman E-Z track all the way soley because I already own enough track for a small layout.I am doing this project with my dad as a father/son project. When I can figure out how to use my mom's camera, I will post pics also. The reason that I am doing the CNW is that when I got my first bits of track as a christmas present, I took aliking to an F3 in CNW colors which is #4056. The horns are not in good shape, but you can thank my sister for that. I will also post pics of our(my father an I) weathered buildings. Please post sugestions, both positive and constructive.train97

    P.S. I am not going to switch to another brand because it would cost to much
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    Hello and welcome! I hope your project turns out well. Hope to see some pics to:D
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    :wave: Hi and Welcome to the Gauge, climb aboard and enjoy the ride of Model Railroading.

    Sounds like a interesting layout plan, can't wait to see some pics. :D :D

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    Thanks, My dad and I have been working on this thing for a while. And yes, the CNW kicks butt. I will also post pics of my train, although none of them are weathered. If you want to see what my engine looks like, got to the CNW historical society, go to the galery, and search 4065. You wil get the prototype of my engine. My HO engine in storage is a Life-Like proto 1000 F3. Think it was one of Life-like's last before Walthers bought them out.
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    CNWman, you are welcome!
    Looking forward to see some pics from your progress at your layout.
    And remember: have fun!
  6. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    Hello and welcome aboard! Glad you could join us!
  7. CNWman

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    Yeah, well...

    I have the stuff ready for their close ups, its just that I...uh... don't know how to use a digital camera?:oops: My mom is gonna teach me how to use it so they should be here soon
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    Oh yeah, one more thing

    Does anyone know if the Gravel Glacier co. had parts of it's base where track is suposed to go over it? It's a critical question for a structure my dad and I are gonna build, so I would like to know
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    Hello and welcome.
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    um, help?

    Ok, I got the pics and everything, it's just that i don't seem to have a program that can make them within the dimentions to post 'em.:( If I could use paint or some other standard program, it would be nice because my dad doesn't trust downloads after a Lego PC game incident that almost blew a house fuse. They really are nice pics, just can't work them into shape yet.
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    Thanks, I'll have to clear it with my dad, but if he says yes, i'll e-mail them to you. Thanks a bunch:)
  13. TruckLover

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    You should consider getting adobe photoshop, it is great and you can re-size the pics and do so many other great things with pics.

    The Glacier Gravel Company structure does not have a gaps for track to run through the base but you can run track through the loading bays and on the side of the building were the outside shutes are. Here is a pic showing were youcan run tracks through the building.

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  14. CNWman

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    Ok, just wondering

    thanks Trucklover. My dad and I are going to make the Prarie Star Grain Elevator and there is a base part where track goes. Bachman E-Z track can't fit through it, so we were gonna put the Elevator higher and cut the base where track goes out after we asssemble the building:thumb:
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    welcome aboard CNWman-------------John R
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    You could just use standard Atlas code 100 snap track or sections of Atlas code 100 flex track for industries like that grain elevator. You can cut the connectors off the E-Z track roadbed where it will hook up to the snap or flex track, and use rail joiners to connect the track. Scenically, I think you will be a lot happier with flex or snap track anywhere you want to model track without mainline road bed under it.

    Which version of E-Z track are you using? The one with grey roadbed is nickel silver (good stuff), the one with black roadbed is steel (bad stuff). If you have the steel, you will spend a lot more time trying to clean off rust than you will runing trains.
  17. CNWman

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    Gray all the way

    I use gray roadbed. I never knew the diference between the two, just thought the Gray roadbed looked bettersign1 and it was the only kind of Bachman track avalible at my LHS. The track, aside from the common track overlapings, has only caused two derailments. The derailments were only ocurring on one car (some life-like proto 2000 tanks car) and they were very rare, kind of like the ratio that goes onto people winning Who wants to be a Milionare? As for the trick with the conectors, my dad and I never found a thread arguing about E-Z track capable of linking with Atlas track. That trick GREATLY expands our capabilaties of rail choice then. Thanks for the tip!
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    Still havn problems with posting pics

    I swear I have tried EVERYTHING:curse: :mad: wall1 :cry: :( :mad: :curse: :curse: :curse: :curse: It's ofical, easyshare STINKS for me. It's good as far as pics meant to keep under your pilllow or stuff, but I tried to get it to work with me, but the whole program is just @%^@^E$^#$%%^%#^%% when you want to resize or alter the pixels. If there is any STANDARD program (ex. paint) on a windows 2000xp that can do what I need, Please tell me. As for E-Mailing pics out to you fine people, Our E-Mail is kinda screwy right now. It should be up soon.
  19. CNWman

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    Ok, I'm calmed down

    Sorry about the preveous post:( , kind got mad at the uselessness of certain programs. the E-Mail's up again too. I guess e-mailing them is my only current option. i'l need the E-mail adresses, though.
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