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    Even though I intend to, I usually don't get around to doing introduction threads, but there's always time to change, right?

    Well, I'm Brandon, you can call me Blue Rose Knight or Blue Rose. I'll (probably) answer to either one. I'm 20 years old and I've been doing origami since I was around 12 (7th Grade). However when I was about 18 (College Freshman), I was looking online for an origami model diagram (don't remember what) and I typed in some combination of words that landed me at a papercraft web site. Long story short, I've been doing papercraft ever since.

    Mostly I've just built models that others have made, but In the last year or so I've started designing my own models and I'm really enjoying it.

    I joined this community because unlike the other crafting communities I'm a part of, this one includes people who do models other than papercraft. I'm hoping that outside perspectives will help me with modeling challenges that I face.

    Well, that was a lot longer than I intended. I can't wait to meet the other members of the site. Hope to talk to you all soon!

    -Blue Rose Knight
  2. silveroxide

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    Welcome aboard and hope that you enjoy tour stay with us. So what do you like to build? As for myself,it is anything that peaks my interest and a t the moment I am into a Warhammer building phase. My models, at least of the majority are mixed media but almost 90% paper. Hope to see some of your works soon. Enjoy and see you around the forums.
  3. TheBlueRoseKnight

    TheBlueRoseKnight New Member

    Well, my photobucket account is here. I haven't taken pictures of all the models I've done, (most of the ones there are gifts) but I'm working on it. I have about 25-30 models plus probably 8 or 9 WIP.

    There are a few random models in my collection, but I do models related to video game or movies.
  4. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Very good looking models. Now that you have done the Serenity, you are off to a good start to making more complex models. I noticed that you used 67lb bristol board. That is a bit expensive, go to walmart and pick up 110 lbs for less than the bristol board or over at staples. For tools, you will eventually have to get some hole punches for later on as well. If you plan to scratch build in the future, be sure to get a dremel tool. Check around the forum for tools that other modelers use as well. Yo will be surprised as to how many household items come in handy ie; micro screwdrivers for making barrels and tubes. socket sets for larger tubes or barrels, clothes pins to hold pieces together, spoons to help make a concave object. On a separate note, The front hand-grip was too thin on the Halo rifle. A heavy laminate of 4 ply bristol or a backing of cereal box carton would have prevented the crushing effect. Have fun guy, and see you around the forums.
  5. TheBlueRoseKnight

    TheBlueRoseKnight New Member

    Thanks! Yeah, the most difficult part of Serenity was that I couldn't find one of the pages as a pdf, so I had to keep scaling and printing the .jpg for that page until I got the right scale. And the pieces didn't line up quite right, I had to warp some of them to get it to fit together. (There are still a few gaps though) About the card, I have enough to last me for a while atm, but I'll look into that in the future. Do you know about how much the card that you mentioned is at Walmart?

    Lol, I know about and have those tools, I'm just not doing anything from scratch right now and I don't really use them that much. The pictures in that album were uploaded for a thread on another site, so I was just getting the things I use most.

    As for the Halo rifle, I don't want to offend the designer, but it was poorly designed in my opinion. No real instructions, no internal support, and I had to warp parts more than I did for Serenity. Of course within hours of finishing it and gifting it, I found a BR model from Halo 3 (The one I did is from halo 1) that was much cleaner and had a removable clip. I was kind of annoyed, but the friend I gave it to loved it regardless and that was the whole point.

    I don't remember the last forum I joined where new members were greeted with more than a "Hey, nice to see you here.". I'm looking forward to being a part of this community!
  6. Pennywhistle

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    Hello to you! ;)
    I'm pretty much new too but welcome!

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