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    Hello and let me introduce myself. My name is Geoff Watson from Nesconset, NY, USA. That is on Long Island.

    I have been doing card models for about a year or so, mostly form Fiddlers Green. I recently have see some models of a Saturn V on the Lower Hudson Vally Web Site and decided I would try building one. As Apollo holds a special place in my heart having grown up in Bethpage, NY. As a kid from the front stoop of my house I could throw a rock and hit plant V where the LM was build. My Next door neighbor was an Electronic Supervisor on the project and was best friends with his son. Together we got to meet a number of the Astronauts, including Neil Armstrong.

    I am starting on a 1/48 Saturn V model by Greelt. I am looking forward to this project.

    I have been a Circus Model Builders for about 20 years working mostly in 1/2 scale. The work is mostly in wood and Resin

    I am looking forward to being part of this site and learning as many tip and tricks from so of you more experienced modelers :wave:
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