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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by brdm, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. brdm

    brdm New Member

    I'm a new fellow, and I just joined the cardmodelforum.

    My name is Paul, I am married and we have six childrens, I am 50.

    I'm a french modelist, especially interrested with military subjects, such as tanks and armour, brownwater ships, helicos...

    Certainly the 10 years I was in the army had counted. It was a very exciting time since I was one of the latest french tank commander to ride the '13 ( AMX13/90) a light, but very agressive tank. Late, I served with the Hussards and I ride the AMX-10 RC.
    When I leaved the army, I had the rank of Mdl/chef and I served in an antitank platoon with Milan missiles.
    I'd choose the psœudo 'brdm' because it was the vehicle we had to encounter ... and to fight if the war had occured...

    I've discovered papermodelism in 2001, but I build models kits since I was 10...
    So I think the papermodels are a degree over plastic kits since paper is a quite wonderful material. I have very much fun with papermodels, and this pleasure is multiplied since I'm able to re-draw models of the net, or draw my own models.

    Now I'm drawing the very first french tank, the Schneider CA1 of 1916...

    I'll show it when I will buid it.

    So, now, I'am very glad to be with you.
  2. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    Welcome Paul!
    Looks like you may still have an itchy trigger finger! (your post was entered 3 times) JOKING of course!
    Here you will find many talented people whom are eager to offer assistance. And do not forget to post pictures of your work.
    Again, Welcome!!!
  3. rmks2000

    rmks2000 Member

    Welcome to the group! I look forward to your tank build.
  4. milenio3

    milenio3 Active Member

    WOW! Good to have people with different backgrounds, and yours is remarkable.
  5. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member


    Greetings, Paul!
    Welcome to the Forum indeed! I for one am happy to see another armour modeller here. I think that you will like this place: the gang is a good bunch!

    Your Canadian friend,
  6. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    Welcome to the forum.

    Great to see that French AFVs will have an advocate at last. I'm really looking forward to seeing your Schneider CA1.


  7. Jim Nunn

    Jim Nunn Member

    Welcome Paul,

    It is nice to have another track layer join the group. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished Schneider CA it is a noteworthy tank and yet I don’t remember seeing a model the Schneider in plastic or paper.

    We have some things in common I’m ex Brown Water Navy who has an interest in Armor.

    Jim Nunn
  8. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Welcome Paul and Happy Bastille Day!

    Glad to have you aboard. It will be a pleasure to follow your builds as they progress. I share your enthusiasm for paper, it is a great modeling medium. Besides if things don't go so well, just print another and start over, only a little bit wiser from the first disaster. -Gil
  9. brdm

    brdm New Member

    I want to tell you a great THANK YOU for your welcome messages.
    Of course, the photos of my models will soon be here.
    Please, excuse my very poor english, sometimes it's hard to write or to read, but as we said in france "ça va le faire... !"
  10. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Bonjour Paul!

    Bonjour Paul and welcome to the forum!

    As you can already see, there are a lot of friendly, helpful people here and I know you will enjoy being a member of this great forum!

    I am really looking forward to seeing some of your model pictures, as military is one of my favorite model subjects, although I love all paper models!

    Your English is great and very understandable, do not worry about it. We are all just glad you are here! grin:

    If you ever need help or some information, just ask. There is always someone here with the information or experience that you seek.
    Or at least there is someone who knows how to find your answers!

    Welcome, welcome, welcome, see you around the forum, sir!

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