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Discussion in 'Gaming & Toys' started by Trakk, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Trakk

    Trakk Member

    I think some Hellgate London characters would make a 'hell' of a model for papercraft enthousiasts... i'm thinking about the Templar class (http://www.wallpaperez.net/wallpaper/games/Hellgate-London-Templar-class-1168.jpg) and/or the Hunter class (http://www.wallpaperez.net/wallpaper/games/Hellgate-London-Hunter-class-1167.jpg)

    If i only new how to design such papercraft figurines i would put all my effort and time i could spend in it. What do you think about this? To complex, no interest, ....???
  2. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    I'm not too familiar with the game but I have a mate who lives for it and would love some Hellgate models to sit on top of his monitor while he plays.

    The best bet would be to find out a way to extract the 3D models from the game itself to be converted to card models, a lot of people here can do that sort of stuff, it's just a matter of finding someone willing to help with the right knowledge and/or software... there's no shortage of them around here either. :D

    If you want to have a go at it yourself, have a look around the forums here and see if you can find the info you need, it's all here somewhere, you shouldn't have to dig too deep to find it.
  3. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Very cool!!! Never heard of the game before but the character there look awesome!!
  4. Trakk

    Trakk Member

    jaffro i might do that, thx for the advise.
    But before i begin with such a difficult task i'll try to design something much easier... for instance Dastardly and Muttley :mrgreen: one of my favorite cartoon characters.
    UPDATE after seeing some images of Dastardly&Muttley..
    'much easier' was exaggerated, i better start my first model with a Rubik's Cube :twisted:

    About Hellgate London: the game has just been released but i came across those characters some time ago by seeing a jawdropping cinematic trailer of the game.
    There are 2 large trailers were you can see the male and female from the Templar-class in action.
    If you wanna see the trailer i was talking about i recommend to download the extra large cinematic trailer... it's 204MB! but worth the download ;-)
    http://www.filecloud.com/file/1693/Hellgate London Cinematic Trailer Extra Large/

    Have a nice week everybody.
  5. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    If that's the trailer I've already seen I can also recommend checking it out, but the game itself didn't excite me as much as the trailer when I played the demo a while back.

    All I know is my mate has refused to play anything else since it came out, and he doesn't usually do that unless it's something really special.

    Good idea to start with something simple, I think that's the reason none of my attempts to learn how to unfold game models get anywhere... I always try to start with something way too complex.

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