Hellboy Samaritan build

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by fico86, May 26, 2010.

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    Hi there. I ams still fairly new to zealot, and this is my first time introducing one of my works here. In line with appreciation for UHU02's incredible desigens, I decided to post my build of his Samaritan. I also took inspiration from Mouse's build, and am trying to make a more realicitic one. Although I dont think its going to turn out as spctaculer as his.

    I did somthing diffrent Mouse, i printied UHU02's templets on normal office papers, and laminated then on cearal boxes, even for the handle. Then i filled in the gaps and cracks with a combination of super glue and this:

    Its bacicaly a 2 part epoxy putty. And after some patial priming here are the results:


    Thats the handle, you can see ceral box in the interior. The entire exterior of it was sculpted on top of the origianl paper craft, then sanded. But since the putty hardens quite fast, the bumps and holes remains before i can smooth them out. I am now trying to even them out with superglue on top.
    Anothe view of the handle:
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    Looking very nice, i look forward to seeing how it all turns out
  3. luvecraft

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    Yup Yup ! me too , love to see the finish model.
    The 1:1 replica is too expensive for me , this well could be a nice alternative for me.

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