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    Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've been active here. Had several things I need to go before getting time back to my hoddy. This time, I have a project in mind. Given some of the attention of one of my favorite formations, I decided to try to depict paper model creatures of the hell creek formation. This formation located Montana holds some of the latest surviving non avian therapods and ornithischians as well as various crocodilomorphs, pterosaurs, small oppossom like mammals, and squamates.

    I already have various plans drawn out in 1:20 scale including:
    Tyrannosaurus Rex ( based on specimen BHI 3033 " Stan")
    Tyrannosaurus Rex sub adult ( based on specimen BMRP 2002.4.1 " Jane")
    Triceratops prorsus
    Edmotosaurus annectens
    Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis
    Ornithomimus edmontonicus
    Struthiomimus altus
    Thescelosaurus neglectus
    Anzu wyliei
    Dakotaraptor stieni
    Acheroraptor temertyorum
    And more to come. This project will start soon
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    Here's an example of one of the plans. This is a drawing of thescalosaurus neglectus I would be using. The proportions are about par with the actual animal and I took a little artistic licence with the dwellap. Despite this, the plans of acheroraptor has already been drawn out and ready for test biuld.
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    looks good! sounds like a good title for a short movie or a book starring, yes,........YOUR DINOSAUR MODELS!!
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    Here's the beginning of a fully colored archeroraptor. Although a complete practice build was not made( I only practice fitted the neck) I feel confident that the build will go smoothly. Despite its very small size. This will undoubtedly be the smallest dinosaur model I ever designed.

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    1453501397252.jpg 1453501474340.jpg
    anzu is following close behind.
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    The body is completely colored. I'm now beginning to finish some details on the head. Once done, I have to design a small but simple winged arm design. I already have an idea on how to do it. I also have to create it's feet.
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    That's a lot like lofting a Hull of a boat. I'd suggest a front view, but you do well without any of my advice! :)

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