Heljan Turntable Wiring

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by absnut, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. absnut

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    Help! After two years away from MRR-ing while we toured the country in our motor home, we've semi-settled down in a new home and I have started a new layout. I'm installing an older Heljan turntable (possibly the same big one Walthers markets now) and can't remember the wiring. There are the two contacts under the TT and, if I remember correctly, it should be wired to an Atlas controller. Trouble is, there are three contacts on the controller: common, X, and Y. Can anyone tell me to which contacts the two wires are supposed to connect? Thanks for any help!

  2. woodone

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    Sounds like your controller is for a turnout. Common is the power in and the X and Y is for the differant coils on the turnout.
    Got a photo of your controller?
    You should only need two wires to your turntable.
    Or are you talking about the power to the motor that turns the turntable?
    Some photos would help.
  3. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Atlas makes a range of pre-packaged switches, with names like the Selector, Dispatcher and, even, Controller. You need to buy one that says Controller on it; it has a number of switches built in. You may have one that says "Switch Controller" which is not the same thing.
  4. absnut

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    I have two Atlas "Controllers", quite unlike the switch/turnout control. The controller is used for many things: two cab control, reverse track and wiring a turntable. I bought the turntable years ago and the problem is, I can't remember how to hook up the turntable bridge to the controller. Walthers is now marketing the same turntable under their name, except now it's gray instead of black, but I'd hate to go buy one just so I can read the directions about how to hook it up! sign1

    Thanks for your interest, gents.

  5. woodone

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    I still don't know what you are trying to hook up? Power to the tracks on the bridge of the turntable? Or power to make the motor run that turns the TT? Got any photos? Need to see what the switch looks like- should be able to help you if I have more information.:thumb:
  6. absnut

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    It's power to the bridge. Wires from the rails go down through the center post and are attached to two brass "O" rings. Two "wipers" rub the "O" rings and they, in turn, are connected to the Atlas "Controller" by wire. My question is, which two of the three connections on the controller do I connect the two wires to. It's been several years since I've done this hook-up and I just plumb forgot. I've contacted Atlas and they are sending me a copy of the page in their book which tells how to do it. :mrgreen:
  7. woodone

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    OK. Now I need to know the controller layout.
    You said that there were three terminals- Right? one common-one X and one Y.
    How is the power routed through the controller- If you put power on the common terminal, where is the power going- to the X or Y. What happens when you move the switch on the controller- Does it change as in if there was power on the X, when you switch does is power now at the Y terminal ?
    Also what do you want the controller to do for you?
    You don't need the controller as I see it. Just run two power wires to your TT wipers from your power pack- use the direction switch on the power pack to make the locomotive run forward or reverse on the TT.
  8. absnut

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    I need the controller to reverse the polarity on the bridge. You are correct in that wiring it simply to a connector or to the power pack would facilitate reversing simply by throwing the reverse switch but, that would also reverse the polarity on the rest of the layout..... not exactly what I want to do if I'm trying to turn around a locomotiveor park it in a roundhouse after turning it. The controller is the answer and when I find out the wiring, I'll be in business. Here is a controller:


    The power pack(s) connect to the upper left and lower left (for two cab control). The switch in the middle reverses the polarity on a return loop or a turntable track. I've used them for years, it's just been a while since I wired up a turntable.... don't want to burn up a locoor power ppack so, just being cautious.

  9. woodone

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    Well if I am correct, the model controller (0220) has a lot more terminals than the three terminals you made mention of in your first post.
    This controller has 4 switches, 2 red- 1 green- and 1 white.
    I can not see the terminals on the Atlas picture,so I don't know where they go.
    Sorry, I can't be of more help, hope you get the right information from Atlas.:wave:

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