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    Hi all: What has been anyone's experience with Heljan trestle kits? I guess they are plastic? but how do they end up looking with some wearthering etc?
    Thanks for your input
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    You are right, Heljan trestles are styrene plastic kits.

    I haven't built a trestle, but here is a pic of the Heljan coaling tower wich also has lots of "wooden" beams. It is a bit annoying that there are lots of flat, round dimples which are produced when the part is pushed out of the mold. First I rasped them all away with knive and my Dremel.
    For weathering I took a metal saw blade and scratched all the beams lengthwise. Then I painted the plastic with acrylics - a mix of brown, black and some red. I leave it to your judgement, if this looks 'woody' enough for you. (BTW: I'll tone down the plastic shine later - still obvious when photographing with flash - with Dullcote, when the model is complete.)

    The disadvantage: You need lots of time and patience for all that, especially I you have to do all the timbers of a big trestle! :eek: With some good music or a nice TV program this can be a bit easier! :D


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