Heljan 804 Troubles

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Play-Doh, Aug 2, 2007.

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    Hello Friends

    Recently I bought a Heljan 804 HO manual turntable from walthers. The directions so far have been moderately straight forward, but ive hit a stumbling block.

    The instructions for the bottom wiring assembly end after the brushes are assembled.

    So im stuck will all these extra parts and not knowing how they connect to the base to make it rotate. And for the life of me, I cant figure it out by experimenting.

    Does anyone here have this unit? If you do, would you be willing to photograph the bottom of the unit? Usually I can figure stuff out by looking at the picture. If not, does anyone know where I could find instructions online? Heljans website seems, well, incomplete.

    Thanks ahead of time

  2. Play-Doh

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    Hmm....no answer yet. Perhaps some picutures could help you folks.

    I have photographed all the remaining parts (for rotation) and numbered them so I know what you folks are talking about when referring to parts.

    Here is one picture of the parts.


    Here is the exact same parts in the same order, but the reverse side of the parts.


    Here is where im at. I have fixed the slip rings for track power in place as you can see.


    Finally ( I apologize for size, but I wanted it readable) here are scans of the two sides of directions that came with the unit. This is all that came for instructions.


    Hopefully this helps. Please if anyone can help I would appreciate it! If any close up pics of parts are needed just let me know! Thanks!

  3. woodone

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    Well I will give this a try. What you have are two sheaves, that are made up of two halfs. It looks like you have the one sheave mounted on the underside of your turn table. It should look like a v-grove pulley, if you have it together right. By the looks of the rest of the parts that you have, you need to make another sheave. I think that this unit will mount somewhere on a control panel. The knob will mount on the top side-the v grove part under the panel. you them make up a cord-
    (heavy string) and make a loop, put it between the two v grove pulleys (one on the TT and one on the knob unit) put a piece of rubber band on your cord to make it stretch, and keep tight. Now when you turn the knob, it would turn the TT. You will need to mount the turntable brushes ( wipers) so they make contact with your slip rings. That will provide power to your TT.
    Of course this is if you do not have a motor to turn the TT. The motor makes the rest of the parts extra pieces. The hand (knob) unit will not be used.
    Hope is might be of some help :thumb:
  4. Freelancer

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    I am glad to know that I am not the only one having problems with this. :oops: I have looked over these parts many times with no success, but thanks to Woodone's input it is now clear.

    Take part #2 and insert it into part #1. Then take part #4 and insert the bottom of it into part #2 (it might be a tight fit, but it does fit). Next take part #3 and insert it into #4. Now you have exactly what Woodone was describing. Part #2 is the handle that you use to turn the turntable, part #1 acts as a base for the assembly and the 4 holes around the outside are to secure it to the top of the layout. Part #4 is the shaft that will go through the benchwork, and part #3 completes the pulley.

    I will post a picture as soon as my batteries charge.

  5. Play-Doh

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    Thanks! Your link was very helpfull.

    I got the motor and therefore dont even have to worry about those extra parts now! But your post did help...thank you!


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