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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by trainwhiz20, Oct 12, 2004.

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    I recently got at the hobby shop some 9100 American Limited Diaphragms, as I heard they were the most realistic for my ATSF heavyweights.

    I put one together, using the recommended spacer, and it looked fine. Then I realized the spacer made it WAY TOO LONG as the diaphragm hung over the coupler. Whoops. I'll have to fix that when I get more sets. Then I did the other pair I had (not using the recommended spacers) and they look and work excellent. Definitely cool.:thumb:

    My question, a really dumb one, is American Limited #9106 a set of 6 pairs of diaphragms of 6 individual diaphragms? Any place I can get them online?

    Anyone have any comments on the American Ltd. diaphragms?


  2. Hey, Whiz...

    A google search came up with a couple of places on-line where you can get these. I have them for models that I'm going to build and put them on a Bethlehem Car Works DL&W RPO/Baggage heavyweight car. The profile of the top of the car end has a curved area that protrudes out a bit making it impossible to get a flush fit. I looked at prototype photos and, of course, it was tight against the car end in the photo. From what I can see from the on-line hobby shop listings, there are diaphrams made for specifi manufacturer's cars such as IHC, Rivarossi, etc. You can always email the on-line dealer with questions. Hope this helps! :wave:

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    :thumb: Hey Whiz...Most local hobby shops carry these or you can order them from Trainworld,Toy Train Heaven or M.B. Klein at pretty nice prices.
    All of my passenger cars get American Limited diaphrams from Athearn to Con Cor to Spectrum. Even my Walthers get them although they come with operating diaphrams. American Limiteds Budd diaphrams come with instructions on how to remove the factory ones and install thiers which are 10 times better looking and better operating than Walthers. I think you'll like them a lot.

    Texas Chief
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    Hey guys,

    Thank you! I already had bought two pairs from my LHS to try them out. I installed them on two of my heavyweights, and it took me a whole day!

    I could barely interpret the instructions, and they're covered in superglue so I have to repaint them. Not to mention if I did do them wrong, they're stuck on the cars anyway.

    They seem like the top of the line, but that's me for installing things. I couldn't find a picture of what they look like completed, so I didn't know how they were supposed to turn out...:confused:


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