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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by jr switch, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. jr switch

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    Iv'e just ordered the Bachmann Spectrum 4-8-2 Heavy Mountain from MicroMark and wondered if any of you can give me any insight on this engine. My 4-8-4 has been a good one, but will the performance of this one be about the same? Like, I'm thinking it will probably be a good puller and maybe average on how slow it will go, but maybe a couple of you have these and can comment on dependability and in general, what you think of it.
    I'm still just running DC, and it seemed that $77.50 was more than fair for this loco. So please, tell me what you think.-----------------------John
  2. Dakota train

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    Heavy Mountain

    I just posted a thread a week or two ago about the Bachmann spectrum Heavy Mountain. i also bought it from Micro-Mark. Its a very good deal, most everybody else wants $200.00. Do a search for my thread "Bachmann Spectrum Heavy Mountain" to see what else I thought of it.

  3. jr switch

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    Terrell, your right, I'm an idiot. As soon as I did the search, I remembered reading your report on the mountain, along with the good layout photos. Strangely enough, my first 4-8-4 had a clicking noise, I sent it back, they sent a replacement that runs fine.
    I'm expecting it to show up maybe by the end of next week. I'll run it for a few days and then comment on it's performance. I think the reports that the forum members do on engines that they have just gotten, are interesting to read and very handy as a guideline to others who might be interested in the same loco. Thanks for the info-----John
  4. jerry lewis

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    I have owned and run a Bachmann 4-8-2 Mountain for six years and it has performed perfectly. This year I will apply lubracation for the first time. Had sound installed three years ago at Tony's and run the engine on NCE DDC Pro. Go for it, my experience has been great!---Jerry Lewis
  5. Kanawha

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    How are the scale proportions of the Bachmann Heavy 4-8-2? I read in MR that the drivers were made noticably too small in order for it to make tighter turns and that they shortened the boiler. Is this true and really that noticable? And how well does it pull out of curiosity?
  6. Dakota train

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    Kanawha, I can't say the drivers look to small or the boiler shortened, because I have do not have a another brand of Heavy Mt. to compare it to. But if you not a rivet counter you would never know the difference, if there is one. As far as pulling power, I think I have about 20 cars on it right now. No problems pulling the load up a 2% grade.
  7. Kanawha

    Kanawha Member

    Thanks. And no, I'm not a rivet counter. MR just made it out to sound worse than it is.
  8. steamhead

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    I bought my Mountain about 1 1/2 yeras ago, and had a problem right from the get-go...It wouldn't run...After about 2 hours of messing with it, I finally tracked the problem to a solder "bridge" in the small PC board under the cab where power comes back to the motor from the tender PC. I carefully sawed through it, and ..PRESTO..!! ran like a dream. I installed a DCC decoder and have had no problems since. I've never measured the drivers nor counted the rivets and still like it...!!

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