Heavy Haulin Wild Weasel

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    Howdy Guys,

    Ya know, when I think of certain things, I am reminded of other things. Having seen many "clips" of various aircraft over viet nam, and I think of "carpet bombing, I think B52 "buffs", when I think about napalm, I think of the F 100 supersabre, when I think of sars, I think huey, and most often a skyraider "sandy". But when I think "snake eye" or "rockeye bombs" or "shrike" or "harm" missiles, I think of the F 105 "Thunderchief". One of the heavy Haulin wild weasels.
    However....... ya dont see many models of this bird. It is one that I think alot of ppl would enjoy building if someone came out with one. It could carry lots of ordinance of various types, be they dumb iron bombs, radar seeking missiles, napalm, whatever.
    So, this was just something for you designers out there to think about.

    have a nice evening,

    Greg aka GW
  2. Dean867

    Dean867 New Member

    it's available

    Hi, there's the old Fly Model Thunderchief available at the Paper Model Store for about $35

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Dean,

    Welcome to the forum, we are glad to have ya here. Thanks for the reply to my post.
    I know that NOBI over at http://www.thaipaperwork.com/ and who is also a member here, has it listed on his poll asking what modelers would like to see built by him in the future.
    Anyway, this is one of my "wishlist" modelsand I thought I would mention it and maybe coax a designer into having a go at it.
    So dean, be sure to introduce yourself, let us all know what type models you are interested. If you need links to free downloads, I have a tons of them that I have collected from all over the net with models of everything from ships to planes to tanks, star wars and star trek, cars, motorcycles and rockets and missiles.....all free downloads. So, just speak up if you there is something in particular you think you might like to see.
    Again, we are glad to have ya here,

    Have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  4. John Griffin

    John Griffin Member

    F-105 Thud

    As soon as I can get around to it, I want to design a Thud.
    I already did a swept wing F-84 (an early try by me, passable, but not a top-notch result), and I have wanted to do a Thud for a while as it is my favourite Republic AC (after the P-47). There is one out here at our local museum that I look at whenever I can. BIG Aircraft!
    BTW I have nearly finished the instructions for my Tempest, after that I can get back to finishing the engineering on my P-47.
  5. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Hey if you need help............we got one as a gate guard at the local VFW.

    Yes..........really REALLY big airplane.
  6. ms502

    ms502 New Member

    Howdy GW,
    Any downloads of a/c in VN era?
    Thanks in advance.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy MS502,

    Well, the viet nam conflict actually ran from 1945 til the early 1970's, so here are some military aircraft from all over the world for that time.
    There arent alot with markings from the conflict itself availible for free download.

    www.thaipaperwork.com S3 Viking
    http://www.saturn.dti.ne.jp/~eastern/pcraft/index.html F20 tigershark and RF 4 phantom
    http://home.pchome.com.tw/togo/lcs0420/process.htm AT3 with photos of build on next page.
    http://www.3dpapermodel.com.tw/3dpms/yuki/yuki.html#b29 B 29 and F 14
    http://www5a.biglobe.ne.jp/%7Efu-ken/fileg4/gp04.html F4
    http://lsaso.interfree.it/ lockheed F 104 starfighter

    Like I said, very few of these models have the markings from the Viet nam conflict, but they are all aircraft that would have been used in some capacity....even the B 29 (used as recon).
    and one last plane can be found here although it was not involved in the conflict:
    http://www.vaxxine.com/scott_projects/webdoc2.htm CAE/Avro CF100 mk4 all weather interceptor model bottom of the page

    Maybe some other people know where some more free models are from this era. Like I said, the conflict ran from 1945 to the early 1970's.
    I know its not much, but I hope they help,

    have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  8. ms502

    ms502 New Member

    Thanks a bunch ,GW. I really appreciated your help. Regards,

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Guys,

    its me again. Just a heads up on the F 105 Thunderchief aka "THUD". I was asked in an email about where to find a F 105, by another member here, but had no answer for him.....I had no clue that there was one to be found on the web as a free download.
    However, when I emailed him back and told him I couldnt help him, he emailed me back and pointed out not just one, but a .pdf containing THREE versions of the Thunderchief, ....all for free download.
    This isnt the only free model availible on the site either, there are several nice looking models there. I spoke with Rick via yahoo IM and he informed me that it is a legit site (meaning not a pirate site), so I thought I would reopen this thread and share the link with ya'll as well as the link to some photos of the completed model from the site.
    Find the Thunderchief and other models here: http://www.papirmakett.ingyenweb.hu/

    and the photos of the completed model can be seen at these links:





    Have a good evening and enjoy! (Be sure to thank John aka GETTER1 for the heads up on this model)...........THANKS JOHN!


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