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    Thank you so much Bgt. I appreciate that a lot. He was the greatest. I was just looking at pics and vid of him on my camera last night and came across one that just killed me with laughter. He was sitting in his wheel chair and there was a casio keyboard in his house, so we put it in front of him, and someone had some reallly big tinted glasses...like what you wouldve seen on elton John back in the "yellow brick road years.
    We put the glasses on and so there he was with nearly bald head, and these rediculous glasses, and keyboard, and we started asking for special requests like anything from madman across the water or "rocket man".
    he just sat there smiling and cooing and then he'd start to laugh a bit when we'd make really bad jokes with him. The video and pics are awesome.
    One year he dressed up as "bitter disabled vietnam vet" ( that is not a negative slam on any war service vets of any service. I'll be the first to stand and give a standing ovation and shirt off my back) but he character was hilarious. rather than try to describe it, Im just going to post a pic.
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    So.....I guess unless it's a pic of the two of us together, I can't post pics of him alone. Oh well.. So I'll describe it. He's wearing dark sunglasses and he has this really big thick black mustache, sort of the Sam Elliot in western movies style., he has a pack of cigs rolled up in a t'shirt sleeve underneath a sleeveless worn out denim jacket with the sleeves cut off at the shoulder.
    He's in his chair, and he has a black POW logo skull cap on, hugging his head.
    I realllly wish I could post the pics, but maybe that will change... fingers crossed.
    The skull cap is actually mine..it was given to me by a guy I knew who was a vet in Viet Nam. I used to do maintenance work on apartments in Seattle.
    This man named Bradley used to bring his coffee and come and sit and talk and talk while id work, about his experiences... telling me what it was like to watch the C-130s do elimination fly overs, and how insane it was to see the swath of annihilation that their firepower would leave in their wake.
    Anyways, he passed away one day and that had been given to me. It's a very special to me.
    I thought it was way too perfect for Troy's costume.
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    I always wondered who that was in your avatar.

    My deepest condolences to you he was blessed by your friendship. It is said if you made one good friend in your life time then you done well and I think you more than met that threshold. He was lucky to have you as a friend. May his peace be upon you for he will watch over you as do the ones we hold dear watch over us all.


    I dunno why I post this but it helps me remember the good times of those I lose.
  4. McGee

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    I appreciate that very much experimental. I really do. He was one in a billion. Each day has him wandering through my head with memories of how big he was always smiling and how much he depended for everything on those of us that took care of him. he was very loved and he loved very well. thank you a lot.

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