Heart felt apology from a "newbie"

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by GEEDUBBYA, Feb 1, 2005.


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to drop a line to all of you and express my sincere apologies for the posting of the "now removed" pirate site. Its not my intention to cause anyone any harm or monetary loss thru my postings.
    So, If I can maybe take this opportunity to take a "do over" and lets all forget about this, it would be much appreciated.

    Again, I am sincerely sorry for my mistake.
  2. bfam4t6

    bfam4t6 Member

    No hard feelings! Like I said i fell for the same stuff before I had starting buying kits. I would only build the freebies, and therefore knew nothing about the companies out there so i couldn't recognize a pirate. Eventually I wised up a bit and started to get suspicious and ended up emailing the owner(thief) of one of those sites and he gave me a similar disclaimer. I ignorantly took him for his word. A few guys here said that he was likely lying to me. I never followed up, but I highly doubt that this man or the one who posted the disclaimer on the site you found were being honest. Anyways, no hard feelings from me anways. I can't speak for the rest but as far as i'm concerned you did nothing wrong. The person in the wrong here is the person stealing models.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member


    Thanks bfam, well, ya live and learn, and looks like i have alot of learnin comn to me in the future.

  4. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    no harm no foul,

    we all made mistakes like this, hell, even i made those mistakes.

    just keep it in mind, and like the old addage, if it seems to be too good, it probably is

  5. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    GeeDubbya, I doubt that there is any active member in the group that, as a newbie, has not posted a "golly, folks, look what I found" link to a pirate site. When I did, the response I got was enough to peel the paint off my monitor. Let it suffice to say that I am (very voluntarily) no longer a member,or even a lurker, in that web group. Basically, if there is a freebie site that just looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you want a gold mine of "legitimate" freebies, try www.freepapertoys.com. Until you get the web fully sorted out (legit vs pirate), it would be best to give Ron or Rick an email asking if a golly-gee site is kosher before posting it.
  6. Old Ranger

    Old Ranger New Member

    Don't sweat it. The pirate sites will always be out there. They come and go.

    I thought I was doing "a good thing" by posting the URL of one a couple of years ago. The community
    let me know - somewhat harshly. Being hard on a newcomer is the best way to discourage growth of any hobby. It's really no biggee and we move on.

    Posting one happens all the time and it's no big deal. You have nothing to apologize for and you should not be chastised for it.

    "If you can't make a mistake - you can't make anything."
  7. Falcon

    Falcon Member

    well,that reminds me of exactly the same lesson I've learned here. It takes a while to learn which is legal and what is pirate. After you learned the lesson use your new knowlege and figth those pirates . Put pressure on this guys until their web is down. Welcome to the force pal !

    Regards Falcon
  8. bholderman

    bholderman Member

    Although I hope I havent made this mistake myself, does anyone have any guidelines on discerning pirated material. An OTR site I frequent has a fairly lengthy list of public domain material, it also says why and who owns particular shows.

    If I download a free model, how do I know Im not taking money out of Nobi's or Roman's pockets?

  9. A C Spectre

    A C Spectre New Member

    I second what Brad said. I would also add, why can't there be a thread here letting us "Newbies" know about known Pirates and those who don't deserve our business. I for one hold a deep respect for those who can design something as beautiful as some of the things I have seen since stumbling into this hobby. I want no part of what amounts to stealing from these people by downloading pirated kits.

    A C Spectre
  10. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    that is one of those subjects, where if we were to post a list of those sites, it would not prevent anyone visiting and downloading those models

    so it is best to just let one of the moderators or admins know about the site, and make a determination

  11. A C Spectre

    A C Spectre New Member

    I see your point, ensuring that these creeps get as little publicity as possible is the best way to relegate them to insignificance. I am just extra wary, being new to the hobby, I'm rabid to build anything I can get my hands on but I don't want to be taking money out of anyone's pocket

    A C Spectre

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