Headlamp lens for LL F7?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by ddavidv, Dec 16, 2005.

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    I know. LL is not the favorite brand, but it's what I have... :p
    I've painted and detailed some F7A's and they look really nice. But, the one thing that is driving me nuts is the headlamp. It's just a big hole, with no lens. The bulb sits way back inside the cab and is too large to fit into the hole. I've adjusted the height of the bulb with black tape, and have a nice glow now but it just looks empty. It's too small and recessed to put a piece of clear sheet in it. Any ideas on how to make this look better? I'm only concerned about the main upper lamp opening as I filled the lower one as it wasn't correct for my prototype.
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    Scroll down to MV Products if you want the best looking lenses. They have all sizes. The lens is actually lens shaped with a silver mirror backing. You have to drill a hole in the back and insert a GOW bulb, but the results are great. Better than any LED or light rod.

    It's not easy to hold and see the hole drilling process unless you have some sort of magnification. I don't know if they offer them pre-drilled. I bought mine at the LHS and the selection was fairly extensive, but it was not organized in any way, so I just may have missed them if they have any. Regardless, it's still a great product.


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