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    Lippisch also had a design that was close to flying but is still considered a Luft '46 plane. They got as far as building scale test gliders that did fly. Plus there was that swing-wing prototype that was almost complete that the US Navy reproduced later.
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    Lex, YESSSSS.:p:D
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    Understood...! Thanks guys ^^
  4. Using the definition from the Luft '46 site, we'd also have IJAF '46, USAAF '46, HMAF '46, CCCP '46, etc. Easier to lump them all under the Luft '46 umbrella when refering to them and only split out when discussing a single model. After all, Ted Nomura, creator of the Luftwaffe '46 series of comics, doesn't try to break out as a class, but rather just uses normal nomenclature when describing a specific entry. i.e. Luftwaffe He1079, USAAF B-35, etc.

    Tom W.
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    I'd love to see all the aircrafts from the Luft46 site modeled in cardboard.

    Heck, I'd even want to see those weird ones that seemed to have come from a Flash Gordon movie (e.g. Junkers Ju EF009) converted to a model just for the heck of it. Hehehehe.

    Anyway, the weekend's just around the corner and our labor day holiday is May 1. That would give me a lot of time that hopefully, I can use for resuming work on this model. :)
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    any progress on the P1079?
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    Hi, unfortunately, I have made no progress nor have I been able to engage in any activities related to Card Models. :sad:

    Both my work and my 2 year old daughter are demanding so much of my time that I could only get short bursts of free time.... hardly suitable for any productive card modeling activities. I fear it will still be a long time before I can get my act together and resume activities.

    As of my last work on this one, I had to start over. The pepakura unwraps were not very nice. Hence I tried a different approach. At the time when my card modeling activities were put on hold, I had completed the fuselage and was about to start making the wire frames for the wings.

    I'm hoping the December breaks will give me just enough time to resume and make some progress.
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    thanks for the reply. hope you can get some time to finish it. i've built one of foam for EDF. would love to have a little (paper) brother for her.

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