Hawthorne Village 50th Anniversary Corvette Train

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by CaseyJones, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. MasonJar

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    Something like the John Deere train or Harley Davidson fit this kind of "appeal niche", but don't come with the some subscription committment problem. I think the John Deere at least was/is an Athearn release.

  2. lagrich

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    Hello, Richard here. I have this 50th Anniversary Train Set released by Hawthorne Village wihich I received as a gift. It is a wonderful set which consists of: An F7A locomotive, F7B Non-powered dummy unit, caboose, and five depressed flat bed cars each of which sports a beautiful 1:64 scale replica of the following Corvette cars. 1953, 1957, 1963, 1969 as well as the 1997. This set also includes a complete 56" X 38" Bachmann, EZ Track oval track with the gray road bed, 2 manual switch tracks, other misc. straights and curves,a RR X-ing track as well as a "Spectrum" Transformer. I have it listed for sale at less than half of it's original price. You can view my listing at the following link if interested.
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    To be very honest, Dave, I have to say that any validity this item might have depends exclusively on the purchaser's personal outlook regarding it as well as what he thinks he sees as its purpose in giving it to a child. But be advised that items such as this are typically shunned most in the hobby, regarded as being vastly overpriced, overly colorful, rather silly items intended to be sold to the unknowing as a "collectible".

    This set is hardly what I would consider as a step up in the way of a train set for the young that might be used to intice them further into the world of model railroading. It is just as much, maybe even more, of a toy train set as the children's current Thomas and a step away from the hobby, rather than one toward it.

    Now maybe for the adult Vette enthusiasts here this set might be of some sort of interest as a shelf display, but as an operating train set with any potential to lead a youngster toward the hobby at some point? Sorry.

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    Offer him $50 bucks. "Firm" has no meaning on Craigslist. If it is there a week from now, offer him $50 bucks again, then you will probably get the real price. I wouldn't spend more than that on it, and in actuality, I wouldn't buy that. You are probably better off checking out some local train enthusiasts who would give you a better deal on a train worth owning, just to see a younger person get into the hobby.

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