Hawker Typhon 1-33 by Maly

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  1. mor54

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    Hi all,

    In parallel to building the Mirage model, I am improving some of my old models. The first one is the WW2 Hawker Typhon.
    This is a 1993 Maly Modelarez, 1:33 scale model, build by in 1995. I am looking at it, as one of the most acurate models they did in the 90's. The printing is good, and instructions are in Polish with a number of diagrams – aircraft top, profile and detailing for cockpit and landing gear.


    Most of the model was built "as is", with scratch building the main gear, rockets, and the transperent canopy. Fuselage was build from sections shaped by formers, and sections are bonded to each other with tabs. To mask the connection line, both edges were painted with the same color as the fuselage, and let it dray before bonding. Mating of the sections was good.



    Mating the wings and tail to the fuselage was good. The propeller and spinner are built "as is", and the spinner was rounded by filling with Humbrol filler, and smoothed with fine glass paper.As part of last dayes improvement, each propelore is stiffned inside with a wood stick.


    Cockpit design provided is accurate, the canopy was done from 2 parts on a mold.


    From hear we start the scratchbuilding - landing gear, rockets, and part of the last improvement, was detailing the mainwheels wheels.
    For the landing gear - weels are made of card rings with 1mm diameter diferens, bonded together and then filled to the right shape with a filler and smoothed with fine glass paper, and painted black. The retraction mechanism done from wires, and mainwheels wheels, required an Internet search for drawings and pictures. One of the most helpfull was a 3D drawing from a thread on this model found at - http://www.military-meshes.com/forums/index.php



    The "plumbing" in the wheels is done with flexible wires, and tank is carved from wood. For the rockets I used thin wood steaks.


    As a conclusion, I can say that Maly produced a good modeling of a great fighter - Hawker Typhon.

    Shalom Mor
  2. Gixergs

    Gixergs Well-Known Member

    Great build of my favourite obsession. I have this model in my pending pile and if I can do half as good a job on it I will be happy. Could you please explain the making of the cockpit a bit more please. Many thanks Gix
  3. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    This is one of the best models ever published by Maly Modelarz and I would truly enjoy seeing it re-published in correct coloring.
    Excellent job on the build - I love the "brute force" look of this monster :thumb:
  4. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    How did you build the spinner? I see no seams. It is excellent along with the rest of the model!
  5. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Guys, Fly models had a great version of this kit only a few years ago, excellant detail fairly accurate colouring and it seemed to have been cad .
  6. mOONwOKA

    mOONwOKA Member

    Way to go, Mor. I am one of many, fascinated by this brute, but so far was pot off by "that old Maly Modelarz" stigma. But after seeing your fantastic build i will surely reconsider buying one (at least).
  7. cjwalas

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    Beautiful upgrade of a very nice kit! Congratulations on a great model!
  8. Janx

    Janx Member

    An excellent build and detailing of a wonderful aircraft.
  9. exzealot

    exzealot Member


    Very nice! Hard to believe this is an older Maly kit. Your skills and patience obviously had alot to do with the final outcome.

    I always liked the "stance" of the Typhoon.



  10. mor54

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the very encouraging responce, the Typhon is a real "beast" and one of Maly's best models. Started with another upgrade, also from Maly - Gloster Gladiator. The models camouflage painting is a reall disaster, and I am repainting it, along with mor improvements.

    To your question Gix, I am attaching a link to another thread (Mirafe iiic), with some pictures and explanation of the cockpit mold, hope it helps. If you need more data, will be happy.


    Shalom Mor
  11. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    Nice model - and thanks for the link to the Military Mesh site, I'd never run across that before - some nice stuff to look at there ;)
  12. Gixergs

    Gixergs Well-Known Member

    Mor, thank you for the info , very helpful and the Mirage is another amazing build
    All the best and many thanks Gix

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