1. i-amarobot

    i-amarobot New Member

    ooo yeah i will definitely try that with the next face i make, my grandad works with lots of materials so he could probably lend me a glue that does something like that.
    looks good, for uv mapping i just make another window and change the mode thing to uv image and then in edit mode you can edit it all. i am not really sure what you mean by depth though
  2. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    The "Depth" I was referring too was lining up the edges so that the surfaces were on the same plane. The lines virtually disappear as they are on that same plane, and the object as a whole becomes more malleable, as there are no doubled up pieces along surfaces where you may not want them.

    I showed my wife a picture of your hand with the heads on the fingers, she was "Wow, that is so cool!". So, if the wife approves, you've got a great pic there. ;)

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