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    Years ago, I use to belong to a model RR club. There I saw some really good layouts, but this one is be far the best layout that I have ever seen. You have done an OUTSTANDING job on it. The amount of detail that you put into this is phenomenal.
    It looks like you were in this town and took photos of the people working through their everyday lives. For the most part, it really does not look like a model RR layout.
    KUDOS to you on a job well done.
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    At the last Boeing swap meet I picked up these 4 CB&Q Reefers with KD's & metal wheels for $12 ($3 each). So today I did some quick weathering with India ink & chalk. (I now see after I took the photos that a couple of the cars are off the track!)


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    I noticed some suspicious activity going on here...What are those 3 guys burying..?? Looks to me they're trying to pull a fast one on the EPA....:mrgreen:
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    Good investment.

    You got a good deal on those cars. Nice weathering.

    A question. What is the "Boeing Swap"? Sounds like a neat activity maybe our local club could mimic???

    Doc Tom
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