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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by HOtrainman, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. kf4jqd

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    I moved from a house with a basement to a small apartment. I sold most of HO buildings and track. I did keep the rolling stock and locomotives. A few other things too. I should post them here on The Gauge for sale.

    I am now building a N scale layout. I am using the same building materails from Woodland Senic. Plus even salvage some of the wiring and electrical blocks! So it's not a total lost.

    Oh yea, don't forget my G scale train set! That's up at Christmas time under the tree! As for my HO trains. I have made a small display on my top shelf of my pc/radio desk.

  2. Relic

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    Look to the left a bit, there is a hobby that eats up money and can kill you {but I love it}
    Whatever makes you happy is right, if you feel like you gotta do it then it's not fun. do what you wanna do{oh no, now that stupid song will be stuck in my head for hours}
  3. conrailmike

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    I've spent way more on other hobbies than I have on trains! During the summer I play paintball, I'm also heavily into photography which is by far waaaay more money! Have you seen the cost of a Canon f2.8 75-300mm Zoom Lens? I also play guitar, one of those will set you back quite a bit, even for a real nice acoustic! Like everyone has said before, do what makes you happy, we all need something to "escape" to once in awhile. Even if you get bored with it or lose the ambition for it, walk away for awhile. Don't worry, the trains will still be there when you come back.
  4. 2680

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    yes conrailmike, that is another good point. i have over $100K in photo gear, so spending $100 bucks on a train doesn't seem like much! granted, one makes me money and one is just for fun, but all things need to be kept in perspective....
  5. scubadude

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    Maybe you should step away from the workbench and drive 20 miles south to my workbench. With all the unfinished stuff on my layout, you could waste MY $$$$$, not yours!
  6. 91rioja

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    I would love for someone to show me a hobby that didn't cost money. sign1

    I think that is what they call them hobbies. Mine include astronomy (ever seen the price of a good scope), mountain bikes, golf, wine, and cigars. Most of them are long term investments, with the exception of the wine; 6 hours later, it is all down the toilet.

    I too sometimes look at the money I have spent on my MRRing (have you ever taken the time to add it all up) and add it all up. But then, I just sit back and run my trains. It makes me feel much better about it.

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