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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by DOUBLEJK, Jan 21, 2007.


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    I know many of you have been at this hobby fer years n years but as a recent late starter it just amazes me what all is out there compared to the equipment that was available in my younger years...:)
    I went to the big city last week and visited both Caboose Hobbies and Mizells Trains...
    Good thing I left the credit card at home. Talk about eye candy. Amazin'...
    Well I didn't walk out empty handed as I picked up an auto reverse module and some flex track, cork roadbed, some neoprene kinda roadbed n a set of #8 switches to try my hand at layin' a reverse loop...
    Well it ain't purty but it works...:D
    Also I got one of those Lenz XPA's to run a cordless phone as a walk around throttle...this is so cool....call up a train on my phone from anywhere in the room and away we go....and without even thinkin' about it.......sending it back in the oppisite direction..... :thumb:
  2. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    As I look at my two MRC power packs and my Atlas block control components I sometimes think I have GOT to get into the 21st century. :) Sounds great John!

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