Have you seen the new Genesis Auto-Max?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Topo, Sep 10, 2002.

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  2. rockislandmike

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    Ditto. I do need some auto racks, but since I only model 1980, it should be a mix of open and closed autoracks, and certainly nothing that kewl. Sigh.

    Topo, just out of curiousity, whereabouts on the Rio Grande are you modeling ??? The Joint Line is gonna be in my final layout schematic.
  3. Topo

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    Well, I don't have focused in an concrete area of Rio Grande (in fact, I'm still doing the layout blueprints :eek:). It will start as an small switching layout that I can grow later. My -intended- time window are between mid 50's to mid 70's (well, I try to stay around 1965/1970 :rolleyes: ), so I can have lots of different locomotives: F's, GP30's, GP35's, GP40's, PA's, SD's...
    If I should to choose a particular zone, the Grand Junction-Provo-Ogden operation is one of my favourites, with D&RGW, UP and WP trains. The Joint Line is also a big winner, because you can have trains of MP, AT&SF, D&RGW, CB&Q... Not an easy decission! :p
  4. Jim de Bree

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    These cars do look nice. any idea on pricing?
  5. Topo

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    I forgot to mention...

    Jim, according to the info in the web page they are $49.98
    50 buckazoids!!! :eek::eek: I'm still gasping!
    Well, since the first Genesis batchs, Athearn have continuosly increased the prices. Do you remember the first F A+B units, at $160 retail? Now the new F A+B releases are around $190 retail!!! :(
    Don't count with me at these tags, Athearn. The Genesis are some of the best plastic models now, but if you go to increase the price a 20% each 18 months, I will look elsewhere. :(
  6. rockislandmike

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    Until they make a freight engine that's appropriate for 1980 I'm going to reserve my judgment. But so far based on what I've seen and read, I think my money would be better placed elsewhere than Genesis locomotives.
  7. Topo

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    I have two F7 A+B sets in D&RGW scheme. This ex-Highliners are the best F's that I have ever seen.
    I purchased they last year from Sunbird Train Mart at $159.50 each set, price that I can support according to their quality and great detail (you can still find some 'initial' sets at the old price, and they deserve a close look).
    But $190??? IMHO, it seems too much for they.

    (AWWW!! I just have seen the announced new release of F3 A+B+B sets in WP scheme: $300 discounted!!!! And these will be fine in my..., er, future layout. :( :()
  8. Jim de Bree

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    $50 is about what you would expect for a list price. Essentially the car appears to articulated and is approximately the same as two box cars. Last time I looked, Athearn priced their Genesis bos cars at $25 a pop.

  9. Topo

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    You're right, Jim. And probably these cars will be around $40 discounted.
    I realize that this is a hobby for US, but for the manufacturers is a business and they -logically- want to make a profit. It's also clear that, if you want quality, you will find top tags.
    My thinking (whinning? ;) ) was more about the steeped increase of price of the F's (same model, same quality, but at +20%). I suppose that Athearn want to pay the new models/releases with the increase so, maybe it's OK after all (the more new models in the market, the better. If only they could go a bit more slowly...). :p:rolleyes:
  10. Topo

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    If you are interested, I have found another image of Auto-Max:

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  11. Jim de Bree

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    Thanks for the replies. these models do look pretty cool. One thing to remember about Athearn is that they probably have some sort of venture capital money invested as part of the purchase of the company from the Athearn family. as a result, managment has itsw feet to the fire to deliver profits. I suspect that the initial Genesis products were introduced as lower prices to get the hobbiest hooked. Once they found a demand for the product, they are testing the price sensitivity of the customers' demand. Classic business strategy. The end result is that more good stuff will end up being produced.
  12. TinGoat

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    I saw a CP unit train pulling a consist of these in BNSF Livery a couple of weeks ago. The whole train was made up of these.

    B E A U T I F U L !
    They were all shiny and clean. It almost looked like a toy.
  13. Topo

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    Which RR's have they?

    Somebody knows if, apart from the RR's related in the Athearn page (CSX, KSC, CP, BNSF...), are they another line that have these beasties in their rosters? :confused:
    UP, don't have they too?

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