have you ever had to leave NEGITIVE feedback on ebay?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Zug, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday Member

    I agree with your sentiments. It used to really annoy me when sellers said that they would post positive feedback for me only only after I left positive feedback for them.

    I've since mellowed quite a bit, life is to short to worry about negative feedback.
  2. Tileguy

    Tileguy Member

    I had to leave a negative on my last transaction.
    I purchased a piece of electronics.It was so poorly packaged it came damaged(case had a corner completly broken out of it.It also was missing the users manual which he stated in the auction was included.(The manual is not available anywhere)
    This was an 80.00 purchase.I told him broken and no manual i wanted a refund.I also told him i would test it and if it worked and he came up with the manual i would consider keeping it if he gave me a partial refund.He said he would look for the manual.That was the last i heard from him.i tried to contact many times over the next 3 weeks.He was simply ignoring me.

    This guy deserved more than a negative,he deserved a beating!!
  3. rcline

    rcline Member

    JIM -- The problem was finally taken care of my way! I'm not going to say how it was done, but it was done. It took a almost a year and a half and it got done. Not only did I get my money back, but some intrest money also that covered all the cost of certified mail! Remember, Brenda is retired ATF! (hint hint!)
  4. ausien

    ausien Active Member

    good one mate, the little choo choo did....have a good one..steve
  5. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    On one of my most recent purchases, I paid immediately (Paypal) and never heard a peep from the seller. After about a month, I got fed up and started the process of filing a complaint. First thing it said to do was to get the person's phone number. I got the phone number. Then some things came up and I wasn't able to call him right away. Funny thing is, about three days after I got the phone number the package finally showed up.

    In the meantime it's clear from the guy's feedback he did the same thing to someone else in the same timeframe because he got one negative. I thought about leaving negative feedback, but I feared retaliation so I didn't.

    I had another item where I bought some uncommon cars that appeared to be in pretty nice shape. He charged me double shipping, which is fine when you have to buy your own materials, but the package showed up in a box that had obviously been recycled a couple of times, and the cars were just thrown in the box with a little shredded newspaper. I probably should have left negative feedback (or neutral) but didn't. Again, the retaliation thing.

    I agree with SeanM, once I pay the seller, I've fulfilled my duty and should receive positive feedback. A lot of sellers wait until you give them feedback, which is wrong. I don't mind giving good feedback when an item shows up and it is what the seller said it was, and it's packed well, and the timeframe was reasonable (most arrive within a week, and I've had some Sunday purchases show up on Tuesday). And I do leave feedback--I think those two sellers I mentioned are the only ones who haven't gotten feedback from me. But I've done about 75 transactions or so, and only received 50-something feedbacks, and that's wrong.
  6. CalFlash

    CalFlash Member

    I don't know if your buyer was a newby to either e-bay or paypal but I can attest to some problems and concerns with paypal the first time or two I used it. Only good communications between myself and the seller averted any problems. Remember YOU are part of the process too and it's up to both parties to communicate (which cannot be one as a one party process).
  7. Jim Smith

    Jim Smith New Member

    I left negative feedback once. The winning bidder bid more then retail, after repeated emails to him (never a response) I filed NPB and left the negative. If he would have replyed I wouldn't have left the feeback, but still would have filed NPB (hey it cost ME money).
  8. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    I have both purchased and sold a good number of items on ebay, and have had only one instance where leaving negative feedback was justified, (from a seller who took my $ and ran) but i refrained (after checking the guy's feedback, there were more than 20 negatives) so I figured on more wouldn't much matter. I preferred to keep my 100% rating than risk this guy's leaving a retaliatory negative feedback on me.
  9. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    A follow up on my previous message. As a seller I did wait for feedback to show up from my buyer before I left feedback on him. I later decided (after having to withold feedback on quite a few buyers) that if I received payment within a reasonable time, I would file a positive. This seems to work since my I get feedback from about 90% of buyers. I can live without the other 10%.

    Speaking of which, sometime next week I'll be posting the item I sell on ebay again. Take a peek. It's called HO TRACK GUARD. It'll keep your track sparklin' clean, and at more than a reasonable price!!!
  10. Between my wife and myself, we have over 2000 transactions. I have bought postcards, fountain pens, books, railroad lanterns, cap badges, all kinds of railroad ephemera, locos, and kits. I've sold off extra parts and will be listing a Mantua GP-18 for sale cheap soon. My wife buys yarn, dolls, doll clothes, plants for the garden, tea pots, china, clothes for the grandkids, and stuff like that. We've received smashed items rediculously packaged, we've had our money taken a couple of times with no items shipped and the seller gone forever, one seller that shipped the item and then claimed we didn't pay, and a few more interesting experiences. :rolleyes: On the buying side, I cut people some slack and not breath down their necks. But after 3 weeks, I ask where my stuff is. We have a buyer & seller PayPal account and prefer to pay that way. Instant payment, no waiting, AND no questions about whether or not we've paid for an item, either. If sellers whine about the fees and can't do the math to add the cost of the fees into their pricing, we just pass them up as being nickel-and-dime sellers. We buy from reputable dealers and manufacturers, too. There are a couple of HO scale manufacturers that sell directly on eBay including Tichy Train Group. We have enough experience to check feedback, ask questions, get additional photos, check for user name changes, etc. We also check the shipping costs, too. One trend right now is to list an item at a lower cost as the bait, but charge a high rate for shipping and handling. :curse: Just like anything else, you have to ask questions and know what you're buying, especially if you start getting into collectible items. There are fakes that get listed, especially in the railroad china category, and digital reproductions that can be mistaken for a developed photograph. There's enough experienced people here to help other eBayers from The Guage if they have questions about an item. Always glad to help.

    Russ ;)
    (eBay user name fastmail98)
  11. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    I had to leave one once, hated to do it but felt it necessary when she went on to no-show another sale since mine to her. Still have my clean record and she no longer is a problem on Ebay. I'm very careful with who I buy from and I try to be gracious to those who take a bit longer then normal for payment. All in all, I'm happy with my experience thus far.

    Ebay user name....Shaygetz :rolleyes: :thumb:
  12. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    I have left neg feedback as both buyer and seller. My rule of thumb is communication. Mistakes happen, people forget, other urgent matters arise. In one situation I had a nonpayer, but he was very communicative, explaining the situation. I left a "neutral" feedback for that reason. Didn't deserve either pos or neg FB and I figure that is what neutral is for. As for who leaves FB first I',m with Doc. If a seller wants to wait for me to leave it first, fine. As long as the item arrives in reasonable time and condition and is as it was described I'll leave positive FB. Besides, if you get neg FB you have the option of leaving a comment so I don't worry aboout it.
  13. I agree with the train of thought that the communication is a two way street. I have had two transactions that were slow compared to the other times I purchased. The one was I didn't give all shippinf info but I still thought the seller could have done a better job of comunicationg with me. The other was a slow ship also. I finally sent an email asking for explaination of delay or negative feed back. I got a reply and the product. Since he replied aplogozing for delay i left positive feed back. Never have left negative.
  14. Unfortunately, I'm in the middle of a bad eBay experience myself. :( I, too, have been on eBay since '98 and have over 2000 transactions between my wife and myself, 99% have been seamless deals. This one, however, involves a well known model manufacturer. For awhile now, Tichy Train Group/CMA has been selling their excellent plastic HO kits on eBay. Being a fan of these kits and parts, I bought a couple directly from Tichy through eBay at a good price. It took a few weeks and a reminder to get them, but they were shipped along with an explanation of health problems on the Tichy family end of the business. Okay, I understand. Last month I bought two more kits and have yet to see them. My inquiry concerning their whereabouts have gone unanswered. :confused: In addition to that, negative feedback from other buyers has been posted, probably for the same reasons. Today I noticed that Tichy has opted to hide the negative feedback comments as 'private', something eBay will allow if the comments could be damaging to the sellers' business. :curse: What is that all about? :mad: If there is some reason for not being able to follow through with a transaction or continue in business, STOP LISTING ITEMS FOR SALE!! I'm really dissappointed. I've had problems with sellers who couldn't pack properly, who accused us of not paying AFTER we received the merchandise, or simply folded up and took our money, but a respected manufacturer doing something like this without explanation is pretty bad. Wish it wasn't so. :(
  15. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    I didn't even realize that you could make your feedback private. If you do, what's the point of having it? It seems a little like taking the 5th ammendment. It automaticaly implicates that you are guilty, or in this case, untrustworthy.

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