have you ever had to leave NEGITIVE feedback on ebay?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Zug, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. Zug

    Zug Member

    here's an item i put on ebay:
    the auction is long ended. all the required notices were sent to the buyer, he replied one after the first reminder saying he'd pay soon and never another peep out of him. I filed the non-paying bidder stuff with ebay tonight, now 17 days after the auction ended.

    I still haven't left the negitive feedback the bidder deserves, I was wondering if I should wait until ebay credits me back the final value fee?

    I look the the non-paying bidder feedback and see he's been paying other people since them, but I guess he figure I'll go away if he says nothing.
  2. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way


    I don't use eBay or any other on-line auctions either for buying or selling, but just on general principals, I can say that you are doing others a disservice if you do not post your situation. This guy is screwing you and you should let the world know it before he does it to others. It also might be the thing that makes him have second thoughts, but if he did, I sure would want cash up front before shipping anything.

    It's a rough world out there...

  3. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan


    You need to wait 10 days from when you file the non-paying bidder alert to file the for a fee credit. You have to request the fee credit. In almost two years of selling I have to file three negative feedbacks. One the guy refused to pay and told me so, the second one I never heard from, and the third guy refused to pay the shipping charges. When I filed the negative feedback against him he retaliated. I didn’t worry about his negative feedback to me since you can tell it was retaliatory and I left a comment to his feedback. Another suggestion is after you file for the fee credit wait awhile before you file the negative feedback; you have up to 90 days after the auction ends. The reason is the guy may pay to get the non-paying bidder warning removed, which Ebay files when you ask for the fee credit. Three warnings and Ebay suspends you. I just had a guy who after 35 days did not pay, suddenly pay. Unfortunately for him I was one of many who filed warnings against him and he got suspended.
  4. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    IMHO: I would say the bidder already earned a negative feedback, even if he pays now. That is assuming the terms included a payment time that has been exceeded. This should be done in addition to the channels you are pursuing. Only the facts should be included in a negative feedback, such as "hasn't payed after X days and X e-mails requesting payment". Thank goodnes I havn't had to do this for a buyer or seller.
  5. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    By filing the non-paying bidder report eBay will contact the buyer. Give it a little more time but be sure to file for your fees before the time runs out. I had to do this once on a $700 sale. It was amazing how quickly the buyer "coughed up". I gave him a positive feedback but all it said was "Thank You", experienced eBay sellers can read between the lines and you don't get into a hassle over the negative feed back. Don't forget that you can leave a "neutral" if you want to.
  6. Zug

    Zug Member

    I was about to leave the ne feedback last night after I posted this, but instead I email him asking them to tell me why I shouldn't post neg feedback.

    here's the reply:
    So I emailed them back and said it wasn't there, and included my Paypal email address. Which hasn't changed since I setup PP.

    I he claims it was sent on Oct 16, but late warning was snt on the 17th, so why didn't he say something then...?
  7. Pete

    Pete Member

    Unfortunately, yes

    As both a buyer and seller. From selling just due to non-paying bidders (so far, knock on wood); and from buying because of the seller's poor packing methods allowed the items to be damaged, or the container breaking open, during shipping. A boxcar tossed into a paper envelope just doesn't stand a chance :mad:

  8. YakkoWarner

    YakkoWarner Member

    In about 75 e-bay transactions (all as a buyer) only once had a situation that resulted in me leaving a negative remark. Seller listed an item as the incorrect scale then refused to accept return. His argument was that he was not into trains, how should he know what scale it was. Gifted the item to a local kid who runs that scale and left a comment on what happened without being too much of an a-hole. He didn't retaliate, so I guess I was polite enough.
  9. Zug

    Zug Member

    The emailed worked, they've now Paypaled the money to me. I'll never know for sure what really happened on their end, wether they did send it and it didn't go through, or what... But I did add them to my blocked bidder list.

    I'll be sending the item off to them tomorrow.
  10. Clerk

    Clerk Active Member

    I voted no but I did have a questionable purchase. Just said "Thank you".
  11. Arlaghan

    Arlaghan Member

    My buying involvement with eBay has been small (less than 10 items purchased) and my selling involvement is non-existant. I'm not really sure what I would do in that situation, but the "Thank You" sounds like a good way to go. I would go a little further and just put "Thanks" (leaves room in the imagination for things like "... for nothing!") :p

    I'm glad you got it resolved though.
  12. Zug

    Zug Member

    I was thinking something like:
    "After a delay payment was received"\or something like that..

    I also has some flat cars I bought on ebay once, it wasn't until I'd already left positive feedback that I discovered that the sell had change the Atlas trucks for a cheaper brand, with a couple touchy couplers.

    ANother was a 2-8-0 Spectrum loco, it showed up with a detail parting missing on the boiler and no front coupler. THe seller's ad said "only 20 minutes of runner time on my layout" what he didn't say is it lots of running time elsewhere as I noticed the wear on the motor when installing the decoder. I offered to take it back but I kept it, at that point I had seen the motor wear. I never left feedback on that one.
  13. RidgeRunner

    RidgeRunner Member

    Never left a negative feedback, but as a buyer I did leave neutral once when the item I bought wasn't "new" as listed, but just thrown into a cardboard box covered in grease and dust (could have been unused, but OLD), and needed additional parts (supplied by the seller after explaining the situation) to work properly. So I felt it sure wasn't worth giving a positive feedback, but I definitely didn't want to leave negative feedback after he did make efforts towards resolution.

    As to those "thank you" feedbacks, I've gotten some of those, but don't know why on earth they would have been disappointed with me? I paid fast, they shipped fast, and it was over and done with quickly... I even left great feedback for them too.
  14. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    The "thank you" feedback may not have been intended to be negative. The individual may not be aware of the use of "Thank you" to indicatel anything less than pleasure for doing business with you.
  15. Blake

    Blake Member

    Since 1998, I have earned a living on Ebay (sort of). I have completed over 5000 transactions and in doing so I have found the following:

    1). Less than 1/2 the people you deal with will leave feedback at all
    2). When reading negative feedbacks, you can immediately tell who was wrong (in most cases).
    3). If they pay on time, leave positive, if they are late but do finally pay, neutral feedback, if they don't pay at all, negative feedback.
    4). Most people who swear they sent the money really didn't. They are just embarrassed that they forgot.
    5). In dealing with payments made to PayPal but not being there, the buyer misspelled the e-mail address.

    My ads say payment within 10 days. I usually give them a little longer. Just my 2 cents.
  16. ausien

    ausien Active Member

    I have never left any neg, feed back, although I have only been buying on ebay a few months, My feedback lines is one of three,

    1, great e-bayer fast transation, fast delivery will deal with again.

    2, good to deal with,

    3 thanks for the item,

    the last for words say it all in the first line, I WILL DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN. also when I send the email informing the buyers when, and how payment is to be made I request that they leave feedback for me as an indecator that payment has been recieved I leave feed back when I have the item in my hot little hand, not before.

    It does not matter how payment is made be it by bank tranfer, M/O I send the payment made email including the rec num, of M/O, or my banks transfer num,(no bull)

    So far no body has left neg feedback for me either....have a good noe..steve
  17. jim currie

    jim currie Active Member

    if negative FB is warrented i give it with no fear of retaliation as a seller i leave FB when item is shipped or a nonpayment warrents it, as a buyer i don't and wont leave FB first.
  18. rcline

    rcline Member

    Ok, my turn, I made a couple of buys, had the MO in the mail the next day,(MO sent by certified mail) got my stuff real fast! Was really happy! Then the blow came, I won a bid, sent the MO the next day, (by certified mail as always) got my signed return note from post office a week later, never got my stuff! I sent several e-mails, even mailed a certified letter asking why, got my signed return note from the post office and still no responce from the seller. Sent several more certified letters to the seller, all were signed for and still no respounce. So I blew it off and never went back to e-bay again. That was over a year ago.
  19. jim currie

    jim currie Active Member

    what you also did was to let someone get away with mail fraud.
  20. seanm

    seanm Member

    I have left negative feedback... but it has only been once and the fellow really deservd it.

    My real problem with the current situation at Ebay is the way feedback is withheld by sellers. FREQUENTLY I am told by a seller that they will not leave feedback for me untill I have left feedback for them.

    SELLERS! If I PAY for the item on time, I have fulfilled my part of the contract and you should leave me feedback no matter what I say about your items. If you pack my items and they arrive safe and in a reasonable amount of time, YOU have fulfilled your part of the contract and I will leave positive feedback...If you ship me something that is broken or not what was ordered or late, I have still fulfilled MY part of the contract.

    I think many sellers reserve their feedback as a defensive mechanism, but is is REALLY annoying to me when I have paid for something, not left feedback after the item has arrived and the seller asks me why I have not left feedback amd are then upset when I tell them that THEY should be the ones leaving feedback first... as they KNOW I did my part.

    Oh well.. I still buy and sell there.:thumb:

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