Have not played with trains in 30 years

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by guitarman249, Jan 30, 2005.

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    I was going through some stuff the other day and came across my old n scale train set that I have not used in 30 years. Thought it would be fun to get it out and set it up again but they wouldnt work. I got power to the tracks and the engine went a couple of inches and then stopped My question is this due to the wheels and track probally needing a good cleaning. Also I was debating on buying a new small set like Bachmann that comes with everything to get me started again but was wondering will my old trains still work on that new system. I dont have any model railroad stores in my area so who's considered one of the better website dealers? Thanks for any assistance.:)
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    Anyting that has been away that long probably needs a good cleaning. You should clean the wheels and the track, and also inside the locomotive. You may need lubrication in the loco, so be sure to get the right stuff. Labelle makes a line of plastic friendly oils and greases (greage for gears, oil for bearings). A little goes a long way, especially in Nscale. Try puttin gthe oil on with the tip of a pin...

    Your old stuff will most likely work with the new, but it still needs to be cleaned and maintained.

    Sorry... can't recommend an Internet site for you.

    Good luck, and welcome back :D

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    The same thing happened to me about a month ago when I got out my old train set, except mine had been collecting dust for about 20 years. A good track cleaning was all that was needed for things to run like new again.

    As for internet dealers, try these:
    Internet Hobbies
    Horizon Hobbies
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