Has anyone tried MS Train Sim?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Biggerhammer, May 2, 2001.

  1. Biggerhammer

    Biggerhammer Member

    I haven't, as yet. Previews looked pretty good and they have a slick web page but I was hoping for a real live human opinion instead of just good ad copy [​IMG]
  2. Shay2

    Shay2 Member

    Hey BH,

    I caught the blurb MS did for TV a few months ago, but haven't heard anyone comment about an actual experience. I'll post here If I do hear anything.


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  3. Biggerhammer

    Biggerhammer Member

    Actually, I check MS.com and found that it's yet to be released- thus a slight dearth of players to comment on it. Looks quite good, though, I expect to ship a few more bucks off to MS when it releases.
  4. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    Hi BH,
    I think the release maybe coming up later this month... I read on the 'Trainz' site (Auran) a mention of that, ... Oh, by the way,have you checked that out? Virtual railroading/collecting..in developement, lots of future user imput going on via their internet site...shamus pointed me to it...very intersting...I'll be checking out the MS offering, too...hope it works better than my AGE of Empires II...It shuts down at full tilt action...if the Train Sim has similar glitches, (of course, it could be my computer, but I doubt it....or the MS Windows ME)it could be very frustrating, just when you've got fast freights, slow drags, a couple of express passenger schedules goin' full steam...click...oh gaud, I forgot to save .. [​IMG]
    VGN [​IMG]

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