Has Anyone- Fly Model 132 Mack Super-liner

Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by David H, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. David H

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    Has anyone ever seen this thing built and finished, just how big is it? I can find one thread detailing a part build.

    At the same time I cannot find many examples for sale and it looks to be quite an investment of my pounds... let alone time.

    The aircraft guys debate Fly Model vs the rest, what about Fly Model vehicles, are they good?


  2. exzealot

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    My only experience with FlyModel vehicles was the Humvee. Basically, the fit was "acceptable", but not exceptional. The colors were incorrect as well. It seemed to be of the same quality as their aircraft. The MIG23 is so miserable, I didn't bother to build it.

  3. David H

    David H Member

    Thanks ken, I am still a bit unsure.

    The best price I can see is £30 (about $42) so it's expensive by my standards. The Fly Model kit is nearly 70cms long. That's about 10cm longer than the Liaz (but size isn't everything).

    I could buy and build something almost as exotic for about half the price but I would have to scan and print the truck and trailer. I really don't want to do that again (not this year any rate).

    Searching the web has made me crazy for a road train!

  4. modelperry

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    I started this one but got as far as the point where the engine build would begin. Here is the true source for this one: It is a paper copy of Italeri's plastic superliner and tank kits. Complete with a paper freightliner frame and cummins engine. I will finish it one day (along with the Italeri version) but it's not on my "gotta finish" list at this time. :p

    The only advantage it has over the plastic version is the price.

  5. David H

    David H Member

    Thanks Greg. Got any pictures, show and tell would be great?

    Good news, I have ordered one up. Bad news, the wife knows how much pocket money I spent on my little hobby project! So I have no option but to build it and build it good.

    Unfortunately I don' think I will receive it this side of Easter. So I have time to progress some other projects.

    I noticed the plastic guys would have to pay £30+ for the truck and £30+ for a trailer so near $90 US.

  6. modelperry

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    Here are some pictures for you. As I stated before this is a paper copy of the Italeri kit. This means that it inherits the same inaccuracies as its source.

    Italeri kitted a Freightliner first complete with the correct frame and engine. Then, when they went to do other american truck kits, they used the frame and engine and adapted it to fit the bodies of the subjects. This means their Western Stars, Macks and Fords are all inaccurate in the frame and engine department. The Macks are not labeled as such since Mack would not grant licensing of them.

    The Fly Model frame is actually printed in blue, which I didn't like. Of course painting it black obscured some of the printed details used to replicate the stuff molded into the plastic kit parts.


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  7. Inventor

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    Is this for sale anywhere?. I can't seem to locate a shop that has it in English...
  8. Freeline-46

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