has anyone completed this??

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by loafandjug, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. loafandjug

    loafandjug Member

    i was just wondering if anyone has completed this model? and if you have could you maybe post some pics so i can see how some of the parts fit, i've run into a couple of road blocks. thanks

  2. sneaker

    sneaker Member

    That's funny! I was just discussing this with the girlfriend this evening. I myself would like to see a mini-build post on this. Did you get stuck on the head, or another part?:roll:
  3. loafandjug

    loafandjug Member

    so far its just the head, mainly the face. the body is going together perfectly and i'm starting to think the hands are going to be quite the adventure also. I'd post what i have so far but i'm out of town on business and didn't bring a camera. I'll post on friday night when i get home what i have so far
  4. loafandjug

    loafandjug Member

    Finally after getting caught up on everything from last week i've started the Yoda again. Here's a pic. Please be kind as its the first Pepakura model i've ever built. I have no idea how i'm going to put the mouth/nose together. I may give up and move onto something more simple.

  5. Nekayah

    Nekayah Member

    This is terrific! Please don't give up. I have no experience with Pepakura (last I looked, Pepakura wasn't available for Mac), so I can't help directly, but I really want to see more of this model as it develops for you.
  6. Clashster

    Clashster Member

    Looking very good! Keep at it!!

  7. Astrogoose

    Astrogoose New Member


    I would like to give this a go but I cannot find the download button. I tried having the page translated but I still could not find it. Where might it be?

  8. loafandjug

    loafandjug Member

    it's the last link above the Top Back buttons. Hopefully it helps. I'll post the completed pic later today and i'll be starting a new post of my build of Count Dooku.
  9. Astrogoose

    Astrogoose New Member

  10. loafandjug

    loafandjug Member

    The finished product. It's not as good as i hoped it would be but i did figure out how to put the mouth on.

    Next project is Count Dooku. He looks a little easier.

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