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    Hi all:
    Recently when my pop passed away i acquired all of his G -Scale trains. I have been researching different Garden Railways and layouts to display my new fortune. To make a long story short, I came across a company called, Hartland Locomotive Works. They have a very nice selection of G scale merchandise etc. I also joined their Online train club, all for free. Their club entitles you to different sales and discounts throughout the year.
    They also sent a nice certificate that any young Model railroading enthusiast would be proud to display in their room.
    Hartland locomotive Works is located in Laporte, Indiana , and all their product is made in the USA.
    Hope to see all my Brother / Sister members of the Gauge join the H L W.

    HLW member number 1949 since Jan 2007

    PS i am not affiliated with the HLW in any way, except for being an online club member.
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