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  1. carnelian kid

    carnelian kid New Member

    I'm new to the Guage & to G-scale ralroading, but a hobbiest since I recieved my first real set, a Sears O-guage freight set for X-mas in 1960.

    I've convinced Ms. G. to let me get a G-scale train.. She's been after me to build her a pond & waterfall, so I decided why not!
    Thanks to you who have posted your pictures of your garden railroads....

    Is anyone familiar with Hartland Locomotive Works products?
    I saw a picture of their 'Jupiter' steam locomotive & fell in love
    with it.. I'd like to find out about their product durability/use-ability from someone that is using / has used their products...
    Also Buddy-L has some reproductions sets in G-scale for a very resonable price
    through an outlet, so I'm wondering if they're just an indoor/collectable set,
    or if they really could be used outside?
    I've read about USA trains here & LGB has the german durability, but price is a factor...
    I would ratherbe able to spend money on track than pay big $$$$$(for me at least) for a locomotive.
    I would appreciate any info, comments, suggestions, help you can give about the trains and garden railroading in general..

    Thank You
    very much...
  2. Philinbos

    Philinbos Member

    Hartland's Jupiter looks every bit as nice in person as it does in the pictures. They use an industrial grade motor in their products which is very reliable. I have an Interurban, a Birney, A Lilly Belle, and one of the Virginia and Truckee as well as the Pick-up Truck. The only product I've had trouble with is the Mack.
    One caution, the weight in the tender is very heavy and may break thru the bottom of the tender if shipped during Cold weather so I'd reccommend buying it locally or shipped during warm weather... The Hartland track is not really suitable for outdoor use except for the unit that goes around the whiskey-barrel. The link to their website is www.H-L-W.com
  3. carnelian kid

    carnelian kid New Member

    Thanks for the information.
    Living here in Texas, cold isn't a problem, just the opposite!
    You've all heard the line about the Texan going to Hades...
    Hell Fires? Turn em' up! I'm from Texas!
    Thanks again...

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