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    [FONT=&quot]Does anyone have any experience with the Auto Throw Feature on the Hare 2's? When connecting the the throw trigger rail to J-3 - the tortoise just cycles over and over. I have the switches and gaps done correctly - I believe. Using Atlas Insul-Frogs with Power Routing. I am ALSO using a separate booster for all my Hare/Tortoises. That may be the problem! I found this on the famous DCC wiring Pages:
    [FONT=&quot]"If you have a good size layout like me, you may be using a separate booster to operate your turnouts. This has the advantage of operating turnouts that tend to short briefly as the turnout changes position. With a separate booster, the turnout keeps moving and thereby clears the short. If you wired your layout this way, you can use the Hare to power route your frog from the local track bus and corresponding booster. There is one catch. If you use a separate booster to power your Hare, you will not be able to use the Hare's auto throw feature."[/FONT]
    Does anyone know a way around this - if it is true? Thank you! wall1
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    Booster and Hare 2

    Just in case someone searches this topic. I heard from DCCSWpecialities. You cannot use a Booster (in my case a LENZ 102) and use the auto throw feature on the Hare 2. I really only need auto-throw on 3-4 of my switches - so I can revert to using the main LZ100. I have a lot of experience with the Hare 2/Tortoise combination and Atlas Power Thru Switches. If anyone else has a question. I guess not many of you out there use these fantastic switch controllers!

    Pat Patrick

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