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    Hey gang,

    I've done a search, but am not really able to find info on how to "hard wire" a crossing signal sensor.

    I'm running s-gauge Flyer (on standard AF track) and have a Lionel crossing signal that has the track sensor (spring for the weight of the train will activate it). Worked fine when it was just the track with cork roadbed. However, since I am now using Johnson roadbed for my AF track, it's not easy to make the sensor work. How hard would it be to "hard wire" it at set distances from the crossing? Am I asking for a headache?hamr

    I have also seen other "trip" methods such as photocell and infrared (such as berkshirejunction.com), but maybe this would be too expensive and/or complicated. Maybe I'm just better off using a manual toggle switch?:oops:

    Any and all advice on this is greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Cagey:
    You'll need to cut out the roadbed where you want to install the track trip. Are you using a Lionel trip or a Flyer trip? Not sure how you'd use a Lionel trip on two rail track, but i'm not familiar with the Lionel version of the 696 Flyer trip. I'm assuming you are trying to run a crossing signal and not a crossing gate. They take differnt trips. I wouldn't use an IR detector for a crossing signal. Too much money for the effect. I do use a Lionel 153IR to run my Flyer crossing gate. works well and is more reliable than the original Flyer 697 pressure trip, especially if you are using a mix of motive and rolling stock besides Flyer. For a crossing signal i'd get a couple of 696 trips and put them a little ways up the track in each direction from the signal. That should give you good action.

  4. cagey

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    Thanks for the tips guys.

    The signal I was using is the lionel overhead crossing flashers. Previously I had it set up the train to go around my office on gargraves track s-track (2 rail), so the spring trip worked with the weight of the train as it passed over. However, now that I'm setting up the flyer track flat layout (using the Johnson rubber roadbed), the weight-trip method will be a bit harder to pull off. I will be setting up at least 4 of the crossbuck flashers eventually, and putting IR sensors for each would be a lot of $$$. A bit of a quandry. Let me see if I can locate a 696 flyer trip and try it that way.

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