Happy Captain Picard Day!

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Paragon, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. Paragon

    Paragon Active Member

    Today is Picard Day. Why? The episode "The Pegasus" first aired on January 8th, in which the youth aboard Enterprise were celebrating Captain Picard Day. The Festivities included creating a likeness of the intrepid captain, for him to judge. Dolls, paintings, drawings, poems, videos, whatever. I will submit my image later, after I've had time to work on it.

    Once again, HAPPY PICARD DAY!
  2. cmags

    cmags Guest

    Funny that I stumble upon this thread today while looking for Star Trek model threads.

    Anyways, Happy Captain Picard Day!

    Edit: according to Memory Alpha, the air date was actually Jan 10, 1994, so I guess there's now a two-day countown to CPD! http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/The_Pegasus_(episode) sign1
  3. mchale

    mchale beach boy

    happy captain picard day everyone hay doses any one know if there's a CAPTAIN JAMES TIBERIUS KIRK DAY.
  4. mchale

    mchale beach boy

    Happy captain picard day everyone hay doses any one know if there's a CAPTAIN JAMES TIBERIUS KIRK DAY.
  5. Ronson2k3

    Ronson2k3 Member

    I remember that epi'.. It was one of the better one's I thought. The friendship between Riker and Picard was tested perhaps for the first time and indeed Riker's convictions are put to the test in that one too. Although the Romulan commander seemed to be a bit of dork (I thought) could have been more of Tomolak kind.. Instead of the Vinyl Siding Salesman kind.. (Green Siding I'm sure) LOL

    They needed a commander that wouldn't blast them for having the cloaking device once that Picard wanted to reveal that information. That would have gave him more pause to release that info or not.. The fear of retaliation could have put Picard in the same position Riker was in low those many years ago.

    What would Picard have done as he had to do (needing to get out of the roid as he did)... Would he have hid his departure to protect the ship? Would he have taken an aggressive stance despite the treaty violation? It puts mind to ponder the possibilities. What the outcome would have been had the Romulan Commander been well ticked off instead of mearly curious?

    Happy John Luc Picard day..

    PS.. Watching the trailer for the latest Trek Flick. The young JTk when confronted by the alien gives his full name. Which he never revealed ever. As Gen. Chang was the one that spoke it in STTUC. I found it a bit 'full of bluster' for the young Kirk. Modesty is one of his strong points. He holds the Prime Directive close to his chest. As a result he is a reluctant hero. I'm hoping that they don't 're-write' him.. If they do they will destroy the repor he has with his crew that made the series what it was....
  6. Mousemuffins1

    Mousemuffins1 Member

    I don't work January the 8th.

    (it's elvis's birthday...)
  7. Enterpriserft

    Enterpriserft Member

    BTW, when I red Ronson2k3's comment, I thought who is the best, striking and most dramatic Romulan commander ever. What do you think??
  8. Paragon

    Paragon Active Member

    Tomalak was always my favorite...but Troi gave him a run for his money as a Tal'shiar officer...
  9. Enterpriserft

    Enterpriserft Member

    Yes, Tomalak is pretty good. There was always something sneaky in that fella; a perfect example of a romulan!
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