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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Lighthorseman, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. Lighthorseman

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    My On30 stuff just didn't look right sitting on standard HO track, so I thought I'd try handlaying a short stretch of track.

    This is just a short piece of straight track on a display diorama that I'm putting together. I haven't even measured the specific dimensions. I just grabbed a piece of plywood that "kinda looked right".

    Thanks to questions asked on The Gauge, I found "Pliobond" glue for the rails, and the information on how to handlay track.

    The first rail was tacked down with gel CA, and spiked every other tie, mainly to practice spiking. I still need lots of practice!:D

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  2. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member


    Here's another shot of the first rail going down.

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  3. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member

    The Second Rail...

    Then, I added the second rail, being CAREFUL!! to gauge the rail properly with an NMRA Standards Gauge as I went along.

    The second rail had a line of "Pliobond" applied to the bottom of the rail.

    At this point, I just couldn't resist sticking a piece of rolling stock on the track.:)

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  4. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member

    Sure, it's ONLY a short piece of straight track, but I'm happy that I managed it without major mishap. No injuries, (which for me is amazing), and the track is nicely in gauge. My rolling stock had no complaints, and boy, does the O scale stuff ever look better on proper sized ties!

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  5. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member

    Now For The Rest...

    The rails are down, although I've left a little room for a third rail, as I'd like to have this section set up as a dual gauge On30 / On3 "interchange" to display On3 stock (If I ever get some...). I still have to paint the rail, and weather the ballast a little.

    Then, I'll be able to get to working on the rest of this diorama. Until then, here's another picture.:)

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  6. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member


    Look'en good. Did you cut those ties or use On3 ties? It is amazing what O scale ties do for those trains. Real nice start.

    If you want some neat small building kits take a look at:


    He has some small foot print laser kits that are really neat. I don't get anything out of this, just passing along some info. I have some of his S buildings and really like them.

  7. Catt

    Catt Guest

    Steve,excellent work.Proper size tie and tie spacing sure makes a difference.
  8. TinGoat

    TinGoat Ignorant know it all

    Floggin' my horse... ;-)


    That is absolutly Beautiful!!!!!

    Now just apply the On30 Conspiracy Module Standards (OCMODS) interface plates to the ends of the diorama. Add the DC and DCC bus' and get youself to The Maple Leaf 2003! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  9. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

  10. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Steve, I don't like to dump cold water on you, but do you know what the difference between On30 and On3 is? 6 scale inches or one-eighth of an inch. How wide is the base of your rail? plus a spike?
    It may work if you strip the outside spikes and use Pliobond.
  11. mransr

    mransr New Member

    well actually On30 track spacing is closer to scale 32" than to 30"...but what difference does it make that it's On30 is only 1/8" narrower than On3 ?
  12. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Mike: I was commenting on his plan to add a third rail to accommodate On3. :confused:
  13. mransr

    mransr New Member

    opps sorry...I missed that post...(and I'm guees I'm a little touchy after trying to explain why I model On30 and not On3 at the local "Drug Store/Hobby shop)
  14. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member

    No Dual Gauge Here!!

    This is what I LOVE about the gauge. Kind corrections, without being called a dummy.:D I measured the rail widths, and you're completely right! Ther's no possible way to fit On3 in as well. No problem.

    While I didn't get too much done today, here's what I did. I roughed in the road and the level crossing, allowing room for flanges. I ran a piece of rolling stock across, just to make sure that nothing was obstructed.

    Here's a picture...

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  15. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member


    I also painted the rail. In order to avoid having to scrape paint from the top of the rail when done, I (and this is another Gauge trick...) put some WD-40 on the end of a Q-Tip, and ran that along the rail top. Then I painted the rail with a suitable rusty colour. When the paint was dry, I wiped the top of the rail.

    Too easy. No scraping, and no fuss.

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  16. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    Vasaline works really well for that too. Afterwards a little isopropyl alcohol cleans it off nicely. :thumb:

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