Hand made Catenary (I must be insane)

Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by grumbeast, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. grumbeast

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    Hi everyone,

    while work progresses on my main layout, I've had a hankering
    for years to try my hand at scratchbuilding some N-Scale catenary
    for the two electric loco's I've got. I was thinking of starting
    very simply with a piece of test track (just a straight) for display
    purposes. So the question is, does anyone know of any resources that might be useful?. I'm looking for material suggestions, plans, and any tips / advice you may have. I should also mention that I'm looking at main line european style overheads rather than the single wire trolley lines


    Graham (obviously feeling somewhat soft in the head!)
  2. TerryR

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  3. 60103

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    I only got as far as hanging trolley wire in HO. I had a set of N catenary, but sold it many years ago.
    There was a sub-set of N-Trak called N-Cat using overhead wire. I'll see if I have any info left on that. (Late 70s, early 80s).
    Your best bet might be Continental Modeller, but I can't guarentee it.
  4. TerryR

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    This picture proves that we are crazy :eek:

    This one may be less intimidating :)
  5. grumbeast

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    David, Terry, thanks for the encouragement, glad to know I'm
    not the only insane person around :)

    I've found this to be quite useful


    they sell sommerfeldt catenary and have pictures of many
    items :)

    This shot (taken be me!) in Montelimar shows some nice
    (read fairly simple) high speed masts

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  6. TerryR

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    Nice shot - how about posting it to my TGV thread in the new international section?

    I had seen the Sommerfeld stuff before. It looks nice but you have to be sitting down when you start adding the prices up :eek:

    I'm having thoughts about casting my own masts. I think Hydrocal would make an acceptable mold material but I don't know what material I should cast them in - I don't really have the facilities to melt metals indoors and it's a bit chilly outdoors at the moment. I could probably melt Aluminum. Lead would be easier but I really don't want a house full of lead fumes...

    Are you planning on making the catenery functional? I'm not.
  7. grumbeast

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    Hi terry,

    Thanks for the comments, I'll post the pic shortly.

    I was planning on making the catenary functional. I have
    two locomotives that are capable of getting power from the
    pantograph (a Roco SNCF 71000 and a Minitrix Ce6/8").

    I'm not sure Hydrocal would be strong enough for the masts
    as they are quite slender. I was planning on using either
    brass or aluminium H section's (expensive I know but very
    sturdy. Another thing I'm considering (that I discovered in
    my hobby store last week) were tiny wooden H sections
    (really! :)) they were only .40c CDN for around a 2' length

    The Sommerfeldt stuff is ludicrously expensive (hence the
    scratchbuilding) but the site offers dimensions and clear
    pictures of the construction of each mast. I intend to build
    a prototype pretty soon, so I'll try and come up with a diagram
    with scale dimensions in the next few days for a generic
    european looking mast


  8. TerryR

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    I was thinking of making the molds out of hydrocal.
  9. grumbeast

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    haha.. don't I feel like a prize turnip! :)

    sorry Terry

    Graham :)
  10. TerryR

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    No problem, if I had a $ for every time I did that... :)

    I would love to see your drawings when you get them done...
  11. grumbeast

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