hand brush vs airbrush advantages/disadvantages?

Discussion in 'Weathering Forum' started by keqwow, Feb 1, 2008.

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    It has always been my impression that most REALLY GOOD models were painted using an airbrush, but from looking at a lot of REALLY GOOD models on this forum and mellowmike's page, it looks like many folks are painting things up with a handbrush? Have I just always been mistaken in believing that most really good paint jobs were done with an airbrush? Are there advantages/disadvantages to either over the other? Obviously cost would be an advantage of brush over airbrush....but what about ease of getting the proper weathering effect? Is it easier to get that "dusting" effect with an airbrush over a drybrush technique...or not? I appreciate the input.
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    :welcome1: to the Gauge, keqwow.

    Depending on the effect that you're after, different materials and techniques can be used. Sometimes two different techniques can give similar results, too. Check out some of the links in the "Sticky" at the top of this Forum to see some results of using different methods.
    While many advocate trying your techniques on a cheap piece of rolling stock, I'd suggest starting on a piece of cardboard before that, especially for airbrush weathering: simply paint it the colour of your freight car, then test the different methods. Also, using similar methods, but a different colour of paint can yield very different, yet still useable, results.


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