Han Solo's Blaster UHU02

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Gixergs, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. farsight398

    farsight398 New Member

    Wow, that's beautiful. I can barely tell the finished product is paper.
  2. ustercluck

    ustercluck New Member

    why hasn't this been done before ??? Thanks
  3. Squirrel-

    Squirrel- New Member

    i think i like this uhu guy.
  4. TheSarge

    TheSarge New Member

    Great model
  5. CascadeOverload

    CascadeOverload New Member

    Another UHU02 great!! I'm loving everything that you have to offer oh great paper master! I've got a bit of work to do before I ever match your high bar.

    *On a side note, how long does it usually take for a thread to get ok'd by a mod here?
  6. Finnlock

    Finnlock New Member

    These are amazing, really stunning...
  7. ajroemisch

    ajroemisch That Guy

    Im am attempting to build this one and i am not expecting great results but it looks like it will be fun nonetheless.
  8. Celldecay

    Celldecay New Member

    Wow this thing is amazing!
  9. deadlyduck

    deadlyduck New Member

    verry nice looking blaster :)
  10. Oh man! This blaster is pretty much the reason I even found these forums. <3
  11. smelter273

    smelter273 New Member

    UHU02, you are a genius. Nuff said.
  12. Shuenli

    Shuenli New Member

    This is the one I want ! (ok that everyone want...)
  13. Blair

    Blair New Member

    I hope, that in future I will be able to built this blaster :)
  14. sojakai

    sojakai New Member

    All of us "Under 10"s only need to bide our time, for someday soon, we will be at 11 and able to download...

    In the mean time, Nice model!
  15. drifter83

    drifter83 New Member

    Hey just stopped in to say hi.... Nice place you got here... :)
  16. wulfric

    wulfric New Member

    Wow I've been thinking of casting a mauser broomhandle in resin but I think I will wait and try this one after I have my ten posts.
  17. Pennywhistle

    Pennywhistle New Member

    does anyone have any tutorial for this @_@
  18. thegreek270

    thegreek270 New Member

  19. grui

    grui New Member

    Very cool model. Thanks!
  20. wulfric

    wulfric New Member

    It's been a while since I was here, and I found this thread so I thought I would add my "WOW" to the other accolades UHU02 has gotten for his work.

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