Ham Radio and modeling!

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    Here is a page from my web site that has the house on it! http://www.geocities.com/rockislandline2000/RILHamRadio.html

    Welcome aboard Mark!

    The tower is N scale! Can't remember the mamufacturer!:( It was brass and I painted it gray. I use welding rods for the boom and elemtments. I was going to use magnetic wire for some diploes, never got around to it!

    To ALL Railfan Hams, I do send out QSL cards with trains on them, but I have no HF rig right now! Check out my Ham Radio Web site: www.geocities.com/kf4jqd2002 The link is also on QRZ.com

    Andy KF4JQD

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  2. jkristia

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    Hi Andy

    I’m a radio amateur too, but live a place where I’m not allowed to put up any antenna. Back home in Denmark I was very active for several years and had the most advanced license and worked mostly on HF. When I moved here (US) in ’97, I immediately started studying for a US license and received my “Extra Class” about 1 year later, but unfortunately, haven’t been active at all. I do have a Kenwood S450 that I had hooked up to a simple 20m dipole antenna, but I could only use it for receiving. But I still have the radio and the license, and hopefully one day I will move to a house with a huge room for the train and a huge antenna for the radio :)

    Jesper OZ1KTO – W6KTO
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    neat little thread brought back a bunch of memories. I was a HAM back in the late 50's and 60's. Built a Heathkit DX 75 and worked the world - mostly CW on about 75 watts with a 20 m dipole. My Call sign was K3CWB then K0VEZ after a move to Iowa. I let it expire after I was in the Air Force for abour 5 years and never got back into it. Though I still can read and transmit about 25 wpm. Finally got rid of my old Hallicrafters HQ-100 about 10 years ago. Used to listen to the short wave with it.
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    "Radio Active" It's a good thing- Martha Stewed!

    I always carry an HT while railfanning, and while listening to the scanner with the amateur 2M band plugged in I'm amazed how often a reference is made to model railroading or trains.


    For the cost of keeping your license active, it's a shame ya didn't dt's.
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    I feel your pain. I have a General Class license and live in a ground floor apartment where I can't have any antennas. I love working on 10M and I wanted to work other bands since my upgrade. Oh, well, one of these days....

  6. McFortner

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    I remember when I was a Tech Plus in Omaha (1993-4) I was working at Radisson's reservation center in the evenings. I would drive home at 1 am and talk on 2M. One of my regular contacts was an engineer for UP. I would catch him pulling out of the Omaha yard as he was making his first run of the day. I sure do miss being able to do that.

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    Lawd Have Mercy Andy!!!:D You've got 'em comming out of the woodwork now!!!:D

    73, de Vic K4VIC SK SK

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