Halo: Savannah

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Zathros, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Zathros

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  2. MTK

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    Wow, you had to go through multiple links to get to a russian site to get an American made video game mesh that was turned into a card model.
  3. Zathros

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    :killer:It was a journey for sure. I think my finger strokes would have added up to possibly 100' feet if stretched out. It's hard to figure because of all the fingers hopping, the back spaces, speaking multiple languages has to count for something! My wife nagging me. :joust1: Thanks the Lord for Dual 23" Monitors!
    I also was much younger when I started this journey. It was my American duty to retrieve this data. 10-tion :patriot1:.............. .at ease,..... at ease.
  4. zwave343

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    damn, you found my project.

    as the title said, damn, you found my current project. ive been working on it in secret for a while. but good to see another link come up for it. lol
  5. Zathros

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    I can't wait to see it! Cool!
  6. Sanginus

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    nice ship,
    didn´t know that it's from halo, I had not noticed in the game
    I think it looks like a modified big DEAGLE ;-)
  7. skoda

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    much to me delightful

    sometimes the glue thank you very much:thumb:

    to build a SULACO
  8. Zathros

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    It kind of looks like the Sulcao's little brother, or maybe, cousin!
  9. web2

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    YES, the people of Halo do say they were influenced by the Alien series.
  10. Dented Rick

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    Heaven would be haveing the Sulaco, Savannah, Discovery (2001), SB Yamato, Lonestars RV, NSEA Protector, etc, etc, all hanging from my livingroom ceiling

  11. cdavenport

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    Thanks, Zathros. My son loves Halo!

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