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    i have recently completed a pillar of autumn proto type! i havent even built it yet so i don't know scale or anything! i got bored at school one day, opened up my laptop and stared publisher (microsoft office publisher) and started making the pillar. i am going to post the proto as soon as i've built it. if any body wants the proto, contact me!
    word of advice, keep an eye out for rocketman tan's "hako" series. no. 4 is the spirit, and i think it is going to be great!
  2. zwave343

    zwave343 the human lazor

    good news, bad news

    i have good news and bad news.
    bad news, certain problems with soft ware prevent me from completing the pillar of autumn for a short amount of time.i expect this to be a minimum of 1 week.(computer crashed and pillar was deleted in the process. luckily i stored it on a usb i lent to a friend just before the crash)
    good news, i have just about completed a prototype of a halo spirit dropship. not PHANTOM!it will be completed by tomorrow. if any body wants to build the proto type before i release it, send me a private message or an email at
    the pillar of autumn prototype is also available from the same email address.
    F.Y.I im going to get a buisness email soon so every one stops muddiling up my inbox with requests and personal junk. i will post this when i have created it.
    P.s. keep on waving!sign1:cool:

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