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    To begin with, I didn't design the model, so no issues there, however, I have no idea who did design it. The pdf I have probably had the watermark removed, but im not sure, it's just one of those things I've picked up from the cracks of the internet. I don't have any pics yet, but i will soon. for starters, i had to mess with the template a bit before construction (after print though).

    The template was design to simply wrap around to form 18 segments of a torus, but i don't think the designer took paper thickness into account. I started a beta build with printer paper, scissors, and glue. needless to say it was a disaster, but i expected that as i went in, so no harm, i gave up near the end because i learned what i needed for my actual build. This time around i have gloss photo paper, metal ruler, scissors, my trusty exacto, duct tape, and cardboard for any last minute decisions in my support methods.

    When i post the first photos of the build, I'll better explain the problems with the design and show how i corrected them to make it a bit easier to build. till then, I'm pretty sure half of all you people out there have models you need to finish toosign1 so off to it.

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    Halo.....k, what are you building? Can you elaborate on it? Halo can mean a variety of things, I can think that you're builing the Ring world Halo, or building a halo, or even building something From Halo. :D

    Anyways, can't wait to see how this progresses!

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    sorry, most of my friends are avid Halo players so im used to Halo meaning the ring. If i referred to say the warthog, as "Halo", they would jump me for it. But ya.....The ring.
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    Ah, the ring :) I'm guessing from the same guy who made the masterchief? Billybob?

    By the way, what's up with the ductape? All you need is some LOCTITE Super glue! It'll get you through any tiny situations, no matter how hard it seems.

    Just a bit offtopic: I play halo also, online.

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    Ok, now to explain the problem. The original template called for 18 pieces which you basically folded into a six sided tube. you then attach these tubes, end to end. the problem was that they werent sturdy enough to keep their shape while you attached them to each other. then i thought of assymbling it around the outside and folding the "landmass" surfaces in all at once to complete the model, but that didn't work out so well, see these pics for the beta build

    from far away its kinda crappy but ok.
    Close up you see the flaws, and distortion, like how the landmass sections are mashed andwarping before i even glue them down
    I got so frustrated, i called in my good friend Grevious to examine the model, only too learn that he recently lost his hands in an effort of his own.

    next post will show the redo pics
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    Hehe, love the Grevious picture! From pepakura Gallery? The ring you build ain't bad! Just keep going with it! Depending on where you live, you can get som Cardstock here in the states at any Office depot, or in Europe and everywhere else, you can buy some A4 paper. Either way, they're sturdy! Way easier than just getting some Cardboard and pasting it onto some flat paper :/

    You should also try some edge coloring, I suggest black pens, to color in the tabs. That way, it blends right in. Again, loving the model, just neeed some touch ups, and I'm certainly loving Grevious. I suggest posting more picture of Grevious in a seperate thread? I'd like to see more of him :)

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    Ok, now to fix this, i first printed it on high gloss photo paper. Then I cut each section out and labeled the backs behind the main outside wall and behind the landmasses. the model uses an identicle mesh for all the outside walls, so truthfully all i have to keep in order is the landmass so they line up right.

    this is the original way the sections were drawn out,

    After I cut each section out, I then each section into its separate pieces so that each surface of the model was its own piece. You can see this in the background of the pics from the last post. I did this because i wanted to assemble the model without tabs (extremely hate tabs). I then assembled the pieces again by laying a piece of Duct tape down and puzzling the geometry back together on top of it. I kept the pieces in two sections, the inner 3 pieces and the outer 3 pieces. This should help with construction, because it should be like putting a wheel on a tire in the end. The thing i like about the duct tape is that you get an extra clean butt joint, made even cleaner by the fact that the two pieces were already joined to begin with and therefore have edges that match up perfectly.

    The new sections are shown below, now i just need to finish all 18 and decide what glue to use.

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    Soaring, I thought about grabbing a black marker for the edges but i didn't want to waste the ink on what i knew would be a purposefully trashed beta build. I have loads of card stock so I'm good there. the reason i chose photo paper is cause i thought it would give it a more professional model look, and it would give an "atmosphere" gleam to the landmass. I'll be taking a permanent marker to the edges this time, although i might not need it. with these super clean butt joints, there is almost no edge to see.
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    Ahha! Great ideas in play here. I'll wait and see the rest of this. No tabs eh, this'll be one surefire build.
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    Whoa! Just a quick note! The tabs are extremely useful in this build! I hope you know what you're getting into when you snipeed off those tabs! Did you layer it so they could just fit together?

    Can't wait to see the rest! I tried a quick build at this, finished in an hour, 6 parts of easy smeasy. Touch up on the edges, added it next to my HW models, and WHAM! Instant collision of two worlds :)
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    Then you know what i mean by trying to seal it up neatly. It wasn't designed with the paper in mind, so either one side is too small or two large for the given amount of paper thickness and from which direction you start the build. Closing the inner and outer halves will be easy, its combining the two that will be my main decision. I have some soft foam matting so i may cut a strip from it to give the model some structure to keep the two halves still while i glue them together. id like to see picks of your build. did you use 200+gsm?
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    Great idea! I'll have to write that down on my notepad...TIme to open it up...

    -As for the paper, I'm using 140 gsm, and it's doing great. Here's osme pictures so far....Next to my ship for comparison. I still have yet to go over both with some edge markers and pens and what not, to make it look all realistic and stuff. Sorry for the horrible pictures (Even though my pictures are horrible anyways) It's really late here in the neck of our woods, I'd best be getting some sleep! By the way, I'm using no tricks, no reinforcers, just heavy 140 cardstock, which I use for all my models :) No wonder I can't do the EX-s head correctly...

    Tomorrow- 3 more pieces to the ring, and 1 page to the Flagship :D

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    Very Clean, although, i don't think that Makaan should be traveling through any warp gates without his sub-light drives. lol
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    Well I see your problem. You're using Windows 98. There you go. LOL. Nice build, seriously.
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    say hello to my current cutting mat, the top of an old Pentium 3, but i just bought a healing mat today so let the fun begin!
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    Excellent! Let's see you get cracking!
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    ok, so i kinda got sidetracked for a while.
    1-it's a simple model but i always have a habit of over complicating the simple things
    2-life always gets busy when we get near the end of the models we make here, lol
    3-well, there isn't much more to say other than i'm probably putting more thought into this than anyone should.

    I tend to get really excited about building support structures, i.e. Ship formers and stuff like that, so i wanted to put extra support in my halo

    for the inner ring, i built bulkheads at 3 points on each section. the middle is for support and the one on each end of the pieces is to provide support and a larger gluing surface for connecting the sections

    Now to support the outer ring I found a sheet of soft foam. I will cut a strip from this to wrap around the inner ring. Not only will this support the outer ring, but it should theoretically provide a gasket effect to keep the outer ring still while i join the two rings. thats really going to help me alot since i won't be using tabs or butt joint backings at this step

    To recap this is a bit of an extended medium project, i got a little carried away. I should be done today though, so more progress to come later.
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    Great idea's! Imagine going over board on a Homeworld Sajuuk :eek:

    The idea of having a frame around the ring will make it last longer, hopefully...and I'm sure it'll come out straight!
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    Funny thing. I was actually studying my pdo of Sajuuk this morning. I think that If i do a Homeworld model anytime soon, I'll be going with the Hiigaran BC. I wonder what it would be like to do those two models to scale with each other?
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    Then you'd have to maekthe BC at least 13 cm only, or maybe smaller...
    Well, keep going! I wanna see this finish!

    Just a note...s that a Fiskars cutting mat you're using...?

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