Hallmark Orniments Are Here!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by kf4jqd, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. kf4jqd

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    I couldn't go with my Mom and sister Jennifer to Hallmark's Open House for their Christmas Orniments. I had to work!:cry: This evening I went to my parents house for supper. To my suprise, there was a Hallmark bag. In it was ALL the Lionel orniments.:thumb: with a note: Merry Early Christmas from Mom and Jennifer.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: And my Mom told me this isn't really my Christmas present, but I also didn't have to pay for them!:thumb: It was a good suprise. Like I said last year. These orniments are too N scale. You can use N scale track to make a small display.

  2. Ralph

    Ralph Remember...it's for fun!

    That's a nice surprise! Hang on to them!
  3. MilesWestern

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    Which ones are they this year?
  4. N Gauger

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  5. kf4jqd

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    Here's the link. Is this the same as N Gauger? http://www.hallmark.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/article|10001|10051|/HallmarkSite/OurProducts/KeepsakeOrnaments/2006DreamBook/2006_DREAM_ONLINE_24


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