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    Model: Ki 43
    Publisher: Halinski
    Scale: 1/33
    Format: B4

    This model comes in Booklet of B4 size and have one page of history and written instructions, two pages of diagrams and templates, 2 pages of colored parts and one page of parts to reinforce.
    The model is from the year 2001 and its not very complicated.
    The number of pieces is about 264.
    The cocpit detail is not comparable with the more recent model P 51D that I build but but still is at a good level in 3D and 2D detail.
    The detailed wheel wels are there and one thing that like in this model is the weathring! Yes it there and for me is very beautiful with the painting of plane missind in many places by the usage and smoke close to the engine.
    The engine of this model is what I call of "half detailed" because the rear cilinders are only printed and the front cilinders only need to glued into the disk were the others are printed what makes this engine much simpler than the Fw 190 engine also from halinski.
    This is a good model for intermidate modelers get used to the halinski models (because this model is good for we get used to simbols, instructions and way to build of halinski models)...

    Its also possible to get the english instructions by sending an e-mail to halinski.

    Instructions: 4
    Paper quality: 3
    Print quality: 4
    Artwork: 5
    Value for money: 4
    Difficulty: Advanced beginner to intermidate.
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    Some more photos.
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    More one
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    Again, helpful. Thanks. - L.

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