Halinski F6F Hellcat - 1/33 Scale

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    I built this kit "straight out of the box" with a Gomix vacuformed canopy. It went together very well. It's not a beginner's kit, but with some experience, it's a pretty straightforward project. Halinski is well known for the quality of their kits and this one is right up there.

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  2. sakrison

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    More Hellcat Photos

    The prop spins freely; I used a small electric fan and a slow shutter speed for the photos.

    I have seen Hellcats up close at EAA's Oshkosh air show. You don't appreciate how massive these aircraft are until you stand next to (under?) one of them. I've spent a lot of hours in a Cessna 172; the F6F is HUGE! :eek:

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  3. Revell-Fan

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    Wow! This is exceptional! You did a wonderful job. The pictures are terrific! I almost thought it was a real plane. Especially the b/w version looks as if it comes from a history book. Well done!
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    That is a sweet plane Dave. I've always though a solar panel with a capacitor set up to discharge into the spinner motor would make a neat "self activating" diorama. :)
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    Very nice ^^

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