Halinski 1-25 SdKfz 179 Bergepanther

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by ron0909, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. ron0909

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    Hi everyone :)

    I haven't posted anything here since this place was Cardmodels.net....Whew!
    It's been a long time. I happily saw that our friend Bomarc was giving us the condensed version of his B-25 Mitchel so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and show you guys what I've done up until now on this kit. The driving force for this build was a really bad case of builder's block. My reasoning for the Bergepanther was that it was something I had never tackled before. I had never completed a Halinski kit nor ever touched an armor build nor ever tackled one with over 3000 parts! It was a definite cure for the block :) The original thread is just over 100 images so far but I won't bore you with all of that. These are just a few from start up until last night's completion of the winch system (finally!!). Luckily the winch assembly will be removable later on and I can thread the steel cable onto the spools. I need to find some fishing leader wire to emulate steel cable. So here we go..I hope you folks enjoy it as much as I'm having fun building it

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  2. ron0909

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    Here's a few more...:)

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  3. ron0909

    ron0909 New Member

    And the last of 'em...
    If anyone is ever interested, all the other in-between shots are still around.

    More soon :)


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  4. Bomarc

    Bomarc Member

    Lookin' good Ron :thumb:

    That winch with all the gears is a thing of beauty!

  5. ron0909

    ron0909 New Member

    Thanks Mike :)
    It was a general pain in the arse but it turned out OK me thinks.
    I've cut out a trial (from my scan) top skin for the panther as I've started on the top bulkheads. So far it looks like it will fit. I need some advice from you armor guys if you don't mind..please...
    a) How do you adhere the outer skins? You know how it is after spending so many countless hours building the guts that you don't want to risk screwing things up!
    b) I'm starting to worry about suspension. Any building suggestions for maintaining strength or beefing it up?

    Thanks everyone!
    PS..Just added a pic of the top skin sitting on top for a little peek of things to come. I can't wait!

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  6. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Ron, this is magnificent! I've not seen this model before in any stage. I love the winch! Between you and Mike (Bomarc) my jaw is sore from hitting the ground so often. Thanks for sharing this over here. Can you keep us updated on your progress?
  7. bulldogowner

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    I can't believe you HAVE to attach the outer skin and cover all that hard work up!! Is there a way you could make it removable?? It would be a crime to cover everything!!
  8. KCStephens

    KCStephens Member

    ....look'en better than ever Ron!
  9. barry

    barry Active Member

    Beautiful build Ron
  10. ron0909

    ron0909 New Member

    You guys are way too kind. Thank you for the encouragement :)
    There will be a platform above the winch with removable flooring and side panels. Hopefully we'll be able to see a bit down inside! There's a ton to go outside too like a block and tackle, fuel drums, another engine etc. There is even a huge spade that gets attached so that the bloody thing can dig itself in for more leverage should it be hauling another tank out of the muck. This tank is almost a diorama on it's own. Here's a pic from a Chinese forum (I hope they don't mind my borrowing it). The person that built this did a magnificent job and I only hope I can come close. There will be some opening hatches on mine though with real working hinges:twisted: I tried to share the link however my post count is still too low. If anyone wants it, just ask. God that feels weird! :)
    All the best

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