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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Roguestool, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Roguestool

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  2. Zathros

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    :welcome1: to the forum. The Pepakura parts sounds very interesting. It would be nice to see some of your work. We're not a dating service, so don't worry about how you look, or how you think others perceive you. Just be you, and have fun. We are an inclusive group and look forward to hearing from you and especially seeing your work. Welcome aboard! :)
  3. WuLongTi

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    Awesome! another cosplayer! welcome to the site mate, glad to have you on board :D

    OK, so 99% false.. so you're a nut, love fun, acting crazy and dancing... you're loud and intense, about 4'6" and 82 years old. Rock on Grandma Nothsa!!

    Quick question... is it Rogue's Tool, or Rogue Stool?

    Are you on DA or have any samples of your cosplay stuff?

    Oh yeah, welcome :)
  4. Roguestool

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  5. WuLongTi

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    So about my age then? (35)

    The term "Cosplay" doesn't bother me only because that's become the popular term... but I've only ever "acted" as the character during skits and such on stage... oh and remaining silent when dressed as Snake Eyes.. if that counts. :)

    Still though, I look forward to seeing what stuff you've worked on. ^__^
  6. silveroxide

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    I am a bit confused, At 6'4", a toadstool is tiny, your mentioned size is not. Any ways, check out http://www.dakkadakka.com/, it is a warhammer site and they have costumes for cosplay, but you have to trudge trough the forums to find it or do a search. and over at http://resinilluminati.com/They have section for costumes and props but you have to join (For Free) and they have a cornucopia of reference and models to look at, to include studio and studio class models. Enjoy and see you around the forums.
  7. Zathros

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    This forum primarily deals with Card models, rarely, some plastic models, built in the fashion of Paper models. The Fiberglassing of the paper models is something that generally is not covered here. Some have done it, but as I stated, it isn't the forum for that kind of work. I think your paper helmet would stand on it's own, painted, without the fiberglassing. Just my opinion.

    I do not feel comfortable allowing the posting of so many people's faces in this forum and without their permission, and having no way of knowing or verifying that permission, that post will not be allowed. You can post pictures of your work, sans the people.

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