Haggin Yard, Sacramento CA

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    Here are some photos from a recently-completed (well, 80% completed) section of my layout, a 1x6 foot yard module. Benchwork is 5/8" MDF on 1x2 frame, track is Atlas Code 100 with Peco turnouts, no subroadbed. Scenery is drywall plaster and Sculptamold base. Track and ground were given a base coat of airbrushed Railroad Tie Brown, then Woodland Scenics fine gray ballast was applied. The dirt, applied over the painted base, is actual dirt from the area of Haggin Yard. I applied a little foam grass & bushes to green things up a bit.

    Here's an overview of the yard, empty of trains:

    Borrowed WP S-1 pulls inbound freight on the mainline while SN 44-tonner switches the yard.

    Close-up of the S-1 and its train.

    S-1 pulls forward to enter yard while 44-tonner switches cabeese.

    44-tonner pushes freight cars onto WP interchange track while S1 picks up cars for southbound departure.

    S1 and cars ride off in the sunset.

    Obviously I still have to do a backdrop and front fascia. The buildings are just set in place for now, as I want to make up a couple of small yard structures. I'd like to put some Silflor down to represent tall grass, and maybe some small trees in the farthest corner (they were there in the real thing, and the backdrop will include photos of real trees growing there now.) I also have to add some switchstands, plus a few piles of the sort of rusting stuff one sees sitting around a railroad yard.

    The telephone poles against the background are a little cockeyed, which they generally are in real life but it never looks that good when modeled. Power is simple--two DC feeders, at yard throat and on the caboose track, with Insulfrog turnouts for a sort of "block control."

    Total time spent: An hour or so for benchwork, an afternoon each for tracklaying, base scenery, painting and ballasting, dirt-applying and detailing. Plus a 40-minute round trip to nab some dirt from Haggin Yard.
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    Hi Jetrock, looks great! A backdrop will make a huge difference. I think the poles look fine but I know what you mean about duplicating imperfections in real life, it tends to look like you were sloppy. At least from the angle of that first photo, they look good.
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    Excellent work on the layout, Great Photo's, and keep up the excellent work :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: hope to see more :wave:
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    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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