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  1. Woodie

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    Nope..... I'm not reffering to that place in Joyzee (NJ), but I need to hack up some track. I want to extend Garahbara by another metre. That mean hacking up some tacked, ballasted, glued stuck down track. Whats the best way to do that, also without damaging, the track I want to leave, and give it a good clean edge and rail ends to join the new extension on to. Some of it is on balsawood roadbed and risers. (bout 4cms). Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  2. shamus

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    Hi Woodie,
    The best way to get ballast off track is to soak it in warm water in the bath for half an hour, then use a scrubbing brush to clean it off. Even if you have use 50/50 white wood glue, it will come off.
    Next step is to cut the ends clean with "Cutters" and file them flush. After that you will be able to re-use it, I have just done it with my old Badger Creek track.

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    How did you...

    How did you explain to your wife why the layout was in the bathtub?
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    Hey Woodie,
    You know, a lot of times when real RR's acquire new trackage, they sometimes abandon older lines. I think this would make a cool scenic feature on your layout, if your up for just leaving some old track where it is...plus a few weeds between the rails!
  5. Woodie

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    old track


    I'm not fussed about the track I rip up, I'ts the bit that's left behind! I just wanna make sure I've got a good joinable bit left on the layout. I've had some hassles before, and all that needs to happen, is for a bit of track to be pulled loose from the ties and it causes no end of probs. Plus Garahbara don't fit in the bath!

    That's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm extending one end, so I intend to leave some of the old track there (that was the "old" return curve at the end of the layout) and have it as "closed" track.

    I've had to extend one end of Garahbara, because I got to greedy during the initial construction, and crammed too many turnouts, twisted onto the incline, immediately into the too sharp curved return radius, down the too step incline. Too many derailments.

    Yeah.... I know..... we all do it!

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